Monday 31 October 2016


 My second squad of custodians, they have a banner, storm shields and the new sword-bolter (made with a storm bolter an a high elf spear). They'll be used in 40k toether with the sisters and some imperial fists (for the antitank). Thanks to my firend Albert for the bits needed for this conversion!
 Shield captain, got this idea for the back banner more heresyish than the traditional vexillium

 The standard bearer, equipped with a lantern to bring the "Emperor's light" to a dark galaxy... 

 A kind of imperial herald, inspired by that heraldor thing of the sigmarines

 The respirator and pose makes him look like he means business

 An infiltrated eldar

 As always the capes have a message in latin: 
nor walls, nor armies protect the Emperor, but us, custodians
The two squads together, just a rebasing for the old one


  1. Impressive job, and impressive squads!

  2. Avec un peu du travaill il n'y a pas besoin de la nouvelle boîte! Peut-être que je l'acheterai enfin on verra.

    1. Je ne suis pas sûr sous ses bases: du marbre ou pas?

    2. Plutôt non à mon avis...

    3. Bon, la troisième squadre n'en portera pas