Monday 31 October 2016

Battle for Philadelphia

 The next battle of our AWI campaign is an assault on Philadelphia by eight british batallions led by George III against no less than 21 american ones under Washinton, since we don't have enough minis the americans deploy eight with the rest in reserve.
 The rebel hordes sally forth from smuggler's den ;)
 Despite being on the offensive the british will defend this forest with adjacent estate, that will slow the american reserves that'll have to cross all the table

 The british begin the battle by firing a gun at the continentals
 Raking two columns nicely
 The american cav got repulsed by musket fire
 The americans kept losing men under the royal guns

 The british remain in line firing at leisure
 The americans finally deployed in  two lines and moved into the teeth of redcoat fire
 The first batallion routs
 British dragoons charged gallantly the american dismounted cav
 The grenadiers on the hill recieved some damage but gave as good as they took
 The mounted militia routs, now for the foot one
 Killed units enter again as reserves
 The minutemen soon squared up
 As the american second line advances in the background
 The british dragoons dismounted to thearten the squares
 Quite a XVIIIish view!

 The american artillery finally deployed
 Cavalry firing, a rare sight!
 The hessians hide from the guns with a quick formation change
  The dragoons on foot charged the milita hoping it would roll low for their combat capacity
 Of course the militia rolled a 6 and the loyalists were repulsed
 The grenadiers exit the village while dragoons march across it heading for the guns
 With that the battle timed out. The british haven't managed to capture Philadelphia but routed two american batallions, that is: a draw. The rules say that then we must play a 2nd battle with the survivors so we got two further battles this spring of 1775.
A remarkable fact of the battle was that Washington was unharmed in spite of being involved in many combats, some of his legendary luck seems to have passed down onto the mini.
As the british now I see that it was a mistake attacking the american capital since in AoR you can't conquer the enemy's. Since the north and south colonies were doomed when the american concentrated all the army in the capital the only point of these attacks against the center is to wage an attrition war WWI style, and we all know how that ended.

Congress is saved, for now...


  1. Belle et sanglante bataille, de très belles figurines et décors (j'aime beaucoup les arbres)...

  2. Ce sons des branches avec une espèce de fibre verte
    Thanks! keep in touch for the upcoming battles