Sunday 30 May 2021

The straits of despair

After leaving behind that Sigmar forsaken jungle we seered east to reach Trondheim, however one morning I rose up to the tolling of the alarm bell: the lizard mutants were upon us!
With my spyglass I observed some humans on the deck, mercenary scum no doubt

While the brethren took to the guns I led my hunters to the railing. We would give that demon worshipping filth a lesson in modern warfare

However while we were turning around a cannonshot entered by the lardboard bow and killed our priest outright, may Sigmar keep his unlucky soul in his glory
The water was agitated as shoals of sharks surrounded the opposing vessels
Another lucky shot dismounted one of our guns and wounded some of the crew
Fortunately for us master Helmut was worth every gold ducat we payed him, and he killed a repulsive mutant with a well placed shot
The crew was quick to reposition the guns, but more and more shots fell upon us, destroying yet another cannon
While the lower deck was awash with blood, me and the marksmen kept a lively fire, sending the tileans sucrrying for cover

The artillery duel kept going on
And finally we managed to land a telling blow that ravaged the enemy deck
The enemy vessel was now sinking in the water, but they tried to grapple us in a last, desperate attempt
Unfazed, we steered to port and ravaged their ship with canister and ballshot
One of the diminutive scalies tried to jump aboard but he slipped on the bowsprit and fell into the water
Where he was finished off by a cannonball
While this hopeless last stand was going on the mercenary dwarf was swimming in the sea having jumped ship, and after rebuffing the advances of a siren he managed to climb aboard the sinking tub

Finally the crippled hulk sank beneath the waves, and we steerd back to port leaving our enemy behind
A sad note to our victory was the demise of father Hermann, that was comended to the sea as we sang an hymn to our lord Sigmar.

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