Wednesday 24 March 2021

Mandalorian supercommandos


After Maul took over Deathwatch, most of its memebers swore allegiance to him. According to the ancient mandalorian creed, only the strongest warrior was worthy enough of ruling, and, having killed Pre Vizla, the sith lord proved to be such. These loyalists went on to repaint their armour red in honour of the sith and fight a civil war against the remaining mandalorians, that led by Bo Katan rejected the zabrak's rule. The supercommandos freed Maul after he was imprisoned by Darth Sidious, and strengthened their hold over Mandalore. However, a Republic invasion led by Bo Katan and Ahsoka took over the planet, captured Maul, and forced their surrender.
The leader of the unit is Rook Kast (the gal with purple hair in the series)

Paintig  was done as described in the Deathwatch, but adding vallejo Brandywine for the armour and cloak, mixed with Naphton red at 50/50 to do the higlights. The visors were done in golden yellow over a double yellow ochre basecoat, a finishing touch with shiny glaze gave them that glass finish

The sword guy can be added as a beskar duellist upgrade

Stupid and sensual mando

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