Thursday 1 November 2018

Docks of Sigmarheim

 Geheimnisnacht 2018IC
Once again the night of the witch is upon us, once again the terrors the we keep barely at bay resurface to terrorise His realm. But tonight it will be different, tonight we will catch the Undying and his band of abominations as they try to embark on one of the ships moored at the harbour of Sigmarheim and end his corrupt existence once and for all. He has led us on a long chase through all of the Empire, but I swear by lord Sigmar that his heinous crimes come to an end tonight.
From the journal of Mathias Kramer, witch hunter captain
 I deployed my faithful followers near the Sea of Claws harbour, the undead spawn would have to cover a long distance to get to their ships
 Soon we heard the dragging of feet and their bestial howls
 Full of hubris as he was, the Undying led from the front of a ghoul pack
 My men soon formed a barrier before him
 Me and my fellow hunters kept a barrage of shafts that caused little hurt in the dark of night
 Intoning anthems to the patron of the Empire, zealots and flagellans fell upon the cannibal scum
 Cleansing them in the name of Sigmar
 And praise be, only two remained
 A horrendous, degenerate female was the last one standing
 With a savage leap she jumped on one of my flagellants, killing him outright
However the Undying had seen enough, and after witnessing the death of his followers, the craven creature vanished into the night. The hunt goes on, a reckoning sure to come...