Tuesday 25 September 2018

Mortis warlords 2

 Two more engines for Legio Mortis, these complete the army and sum up 2kpts
 Manus Mortis is a famous engine that fought in the siege of the Imperial Palace, she is equipped with a volcano cannon, a plasma anihilator and two count as laser blasters


 Tantus Abolitorus is a storied machine: she is one of the eldest of the legio and destroyed the tower-preceptory of the legioes astartes in Mars during the Schism to ensure that no loyalist technomarines joined the imperial side, however some of them escaped making thier way to Terra eventualy, bad guys just can't win. Her weapon systems include a pair of apocalypse launchers, arioch claw and one quake cannon, a weapon so grimdark that fires chunks of exterminatused planets at the enemy