Tuesday 17 July 2018

Battle of Nuln

This week we'll play a short campaign of warhammer 6th edition, using the campaign rules from the general's compendium. Here's the setup: both sides have seven territories, at the end of the week each unrazed territory is worth two victory points, and the five city states two.
In the first campaign turns the Empire attacked while the Nuln skavens fortified and the north banner attacked too, both sides rolled off, the imperials had the highest score and advanced on Talabheim
Battle for Nuln, the imperials under Karl Franz rolled the breaktrough scenario with the skaven defending with 200 extra points. The attackers have to put a third of their points in the enemy zone discounting charaters and monsters (damn, Karl is worth 700pts!)
The empire gets first turn and marches forward
The skaven also advance, with the slaves unleashing their customary pitiful volley
Skaven magic failed as always
Not always! Ikit Claws wounds the emperor with warp lightning
The right hellblaster blew away some rat ogres
The imperial left marches under fire
Karl Franz totaled the right flank on his own
Those annoying skaven swarms charged and destroyed my witch hunter detachemnt
A warrior priest brings the pain on yet more swarms
Unable to charge, Franz flies to the skaven right
The spearmen tried to charge but got burned to crisp by a flamethrower and ran for the hills
A mortar bullseye blows up half an unit of clanrats, which run dragging with them the support weapon and the engineer
Here's Karlie!
The swarm was last seen before a hellblaster's barrels
The clanrats regrouped, but the engineer had had enough and fled
The dragon stops by for tasty clanrat snacks
Concentrated firepower saw off Ikit's stormvermin
A warrior priest suicided himself for Sigmar's glory
Ikit Claw regrouped, then skitterleaped, preventing my units from marching during the last turn

Even if I had marched I wouldn't have managed to put a third of my army in his deployment zone so it was an imperial defeat. The army was too centered on characters and shooting to get the troops to the other side fast enough,
The army of Reikland backtracks west

Imperial: the right hellblaster that destroyed or routed three units
Skaven: the flamethrower, not only killed like 15 spearmen but anchored the right flank

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