Saturday 24 February 2018

Space hulk rebased

 I had a spare round base from the bikes and I decided to upgrade the old hulk into something more lagal, I used putty and cork bark to anchor the flying stem in place
 The hulk is now shorter and broader

Comin to get cha!


  1. Les pirates du futur? Original et magnifique!

  2. Parfois, metre des propulseurs sous une morceau de roque? C'est fou!

  3. I just found your blog, it has a lot of marvellous crations,
    I am also fan of 1/72 in Fantasy as you are (congratulations for all Lord of Rings Posts, I loved them) I will probably take your gothic suggestions for Rohirrim

    I invite you have a look also my humble ideas and projects here:

  4. You're certainly in high fantasy, GW also did some non canon stuff