Friday 29 December 2017


 After selling most of the Epic 40k stuff in return for Gulliman & custodes I had some titans left, and so decided to give Adeptus Titanicus a go with two warlords per side. The imperials have the engines of Legio Metallica Imperius Tenebrus and Galgamech, the chaos side, two Legio Mortis machines.
 Face off prior to the first initiative roll
 Imperius Tenebrus  is caught in a crossfire and its shields resent the fusillade

 Imperius Galgamech, meanwhile, shots its haywire missiles away
 Then charges an enemy titan, swinging wildly its wrecking ball, which unsurprisngly will do little during the game. Seriously, who had the genius idea of attaching a demolition implement on a warmachine? Sounds like orky tech heresy to me...
 The chaos titan runs away
 Tenebrus is beset by two foes, his faulty reactor only giving it one action per turn
 A mortis engine charges, but Tenebrus manages to resist
 Stepping slightly back, the titan aims its melta cannon, using one action, at the enemy's knee, blowing it up and destroying the corrupt engine
 The lone Mortis engine runs for dear life
 Clashing with Tenebrus on the way
 Leaving behind the close quarter specialist, Galgamech, the titan turns for a ranged engagement
But closing quickly with its prey, Tenebrus strips the void shields with the laser blaster, then takes careful aim, and rips off the leg form the heretic machine, achieving its second kill and a total victory.

This game is a far cry from Epic 40k, it makes you feel truly in command of a titan, from the princeps throne you must distribute cunningly your plasma reactor points in order to overcome the enemy, nothing is assured, the Omnissiah may favour your engine with plenty of activations or leave you stranded, powered down and shieldless in the middle of the field. Tactically we both wasted our missiles, while the aim and shot technique was a favourite for killshots to the legs.
In short, a funny titan battle game, not recommended for large actions, but ideal for skirmishes (if such a thing can be said of battles between foes of such size and might).

It was the first time that we played this game, and it won't be the last, I'm sure there are plenty of things that we did wrong, for instance I couldn't find in the rules how do you strip a void shield so I gave them the lowest titan resistance value, 9. 

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