Friday 20 October 2017

2nd battle of Konor

 The campaign at the local GW rolls on, today I had a game vs another guard army for the lower hemisphere of the forgeworld Konor. I brough a list low on antitank
 Great was my dismay upon seeing that the enemy had loads of vehicles!
 I got first turn and anihilated most infantry with the punishers
 The enemy wyverns hid and shot
 I captured some objectives in my first turn
 My lightning swooped in and grabbed two VP from objective 3
 A russ also picked up one objective sitting on top of it
 Hive conscripts bagging an objective under a wyverns's nose
 Enemy scions dropped and put some hurt
 But not enough
In the last turn I rounded up mor eobjectives and won 10-7

Disappointed with the lightning fighter, it didn't kill a single unit and took away a quarter of my points. My guard is low on antitank so I might try putting meltas on the russes to improve that.

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