Friday 30 October 2015

Captain Goldbeard and crew finished

 After some weeks of  rahter lazy work I've finished my pirate ogres converted from the Mantic range. I've enjoyed so much painting their tattoos that they won't be the last that you'll see of them, I don't think that I'll make an ogre kingdoms army, but as my maneater warband progresses they'll surelly need reinforcements! 
Also in the Horus Heresy the imperialis milita can have ogryns so if I bought another box of them I could split them between 30k and Mordheim.

 The captain, Goldbeard, he also doubles as Golfang if I want to field them as a mercenary regiment for WFB. The feather is based on the caribbean macaws, coming from something bigger of course, a Coatl perhaps? 
That's waht I aimed for
 On the left arm the eternal fight between the two warhammer boods of the sea Manaan (albatros) and Stromfels (shark), since pirates worship them both neither has the upper hand in their tatoos.

 In his back a rather classic treasure quest map

 The flag of his ships has been tattoed on the right side of the neck
 In the right arm some love tattos

 His second in command the mountain guide hero, doubling as the musician for the mercenaries. Of course that one hasn't been exploring the Mountains of Mourn but the seas of the world, having slain many ferasome beasts and wearing their fangs as trophies

 A ship with its sails being blown by Manaan and a random mermaid thrown in for extra colour

 And yet another treasure map
 The first youngblood doubling as the standard bearer.
 The ram comes from the plastic giant kit

 An anchor and the five pointed crown of Manaan 
 Ogre pirates!
 Morr holding the scales of sin and virtue and the dreaded hourglass!
 A skeleton holding a heart with his girlfirend's name, a fitting eros-thanatos motive!

 An ogre henchmen, doublig for a blood bowl ogre too!

 Trident and crown, symbols of Manaan
 A classic: sperm whale vs giant squid. As the oldest member of the warband he had many girlfriends on the past, nowadays it's another stroy since all his hearts are an old shade of red instead of bright red!
 A chained anchor wrapping his neck
 Rose of winds
 The fate of the ship: between Manaan and Stromfels

 Another youngblood

 Treasure map and trident. Also, don't Mantic ogres have nipples?
 A ship beginning her tresure quest
 Chained heart between a mermaid and a skeleton another eros-thanathos composition

 The quest passes through islands, mountains, evades a kraken, a shark a sperm whale and even steps around a volcano!

 Hold fast! a wink to master and commander 

 The third youngblood
 He was the first ogre that I painted comitting the newbie mistake of painting black over dark brown so his tattos are near invisible now

 Heart with the happy couple's names
 A dolphin
 Map, anchor and compass

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