Monday 31 August 2015

Moria campaign scenario I: the eastgate

 The first scenario of the shadow and flame supplement reenacts the entrance of the dwarves in Moria: at least four dwarfs and Balin must exit the board via the gate for the good side to win. The evil deploys half his forces on the board near the main dwarf force, with the other half acting as reinforcements wich can be called by any goblin entering the gates. Two small detachments of dwarves equipped with bows are flanking the goblins in both sides. Note that there are no trees since in the books the dwarfs cutted them to make pires for their dead after the battle of Azanulbizar

 Evil seized the initiative and ran to the gate
 The dwarfs followed closely but one Khazad guard was killed by an arrow, first blood to the goblins then

 Brief combat in the north

 The goblins reached the gate

 Goblin raids against the dwarf square killed some of Balin's followers

 A goblin reached the gate and called for help
 Balin in the center surrounded by dwarf shields
 But the reinforcements were clogged by three dwarfs blocking the way out!

 Now the bulk of the dwarves moved into the gate

 Balin was almost killed in single combat against a goblin captain but came back for more

 The dwarfs gained the initiative once and again preventing the goblins from pushing out of the gate or bring more bodies to defend it!

 The goblins outside are overpowered and just two remain of the inital twelve

Finally Balin killed off the defenders of the gate and entered Durin'r realm. Victory for the dwarfs in the first scenario!