Monday 12 May 2014

Xicotz vs Calçots

Welcome all to the second match of the Kislev cup, today we'll see the orcs of xicots d'Skarsnikt facing the humans of Calçots boys, the excpectation is great, the boy's fans are eager to see how they team will perform in the first challenge of the league and the xicots's have all their eyes over Poudreg, the brand new blitzer of the team.
 Here we can see Francesc Cervera, the coach of the orcs adjusting the final details of his strategy, the orc's sideline is crowded: reserves, musics, mascots ans several staff all ready to help his team in whatever way they may.
 The human sideline has fewer members with their coach Joan Cervera shouting the last instructions to his players.
 The orcs pose for the day's magical image while the humans heat up
And the game begins! the humans, upon recieving the ball throw it into the orc pitch (why we wonder?), quickly the orcs pick it up and start penetrating for their right. 
 The humans form quickly a wall before the orc blitzer carrying th ball, but he turns around, evades and passes the ball to one of his blitzer temamates who advances with great speed towards the touchdown line
 The humans try desperatly to stop him
 But dodging a blitzer, he is finally able to score the first touchdown of the match

 All the orc players celebrate their scoring in the middle of the pitch
 And running rowards their sideline they celebrate it with their coach too
The orcs kick again the ball, the humans advance, but their contraries  quickly take down it's carrier and with one of their blitzers penetrate across the sideline to score again
 The humans start to suffer the first heavy losses, one of their blitzzers won't take part in the game anymore
 A human lineman tries to tackle the blitzer but merely pushes him back
 The infuriated blitzer cuts off the lineman's head killing him instantly, and advances unmolested towards the line, scoring the second touchdown of the day. Poudreg has scored his first touchdown in the xicots, proving to be a good inversion to even the most sceptycal fans.
 The coach rushes to his players and they lift him above in the middle of their fan's cheering, algonside with the terrified slayer-pet of course!
 After the third orc kick of the game, the humans take the ball with one of their recievers and advance for the orc right
 Once surronded, the reciever throws the ball wich is picked by a lineman after the remaining human blitzer failed in the first place
 The human attempt is short lived, the orcs recover the ball and advance for the left 
 While the rest of the team tries to keep the humans where they are

 Finally the orcs avoid the human last defenders and score their third touchdown in the last minute of the first half. Unsurprisingly the humans refuse to play another half and fall back with their dead and injuried
 Great rejoicing in the orc team! even the apothecary is lifted by the players kettle and all!
Right ladz let's take a look at da tactik againzt those lizar' gitz...

Post match sequence:

Calçots boys: the income earned by the team was 80000 gold crons wich were invested in an apothecary (a minister of the holy church of Sigmar) to keep the remnants of the team alive for some  more matches, reamining 20000 crowns in the team's treasury. Surprisingly the fan factor didn't descend, althought the performance of the team had been far from ideal

Xicotz d'Skarsnikt: the income eraned by the xicotz was significantly supperior, 100000 gold crowns in total, that justly earned money was invested in the contract of another blitzer, reaching thus the team's limit of 4 blitzers, after that,  20000 crowns still remained in the team's treasury. In the experience phase, Alparkt, the team's leader advanced and got a new abbility: leader wich will provide much needed re-rolls for the future, the other "veteran" blitzer of the team Zaghvat got also an advance, his movement increased by one point, the ideal runner for an orc team!. Obiously, the spectators impressed again by the xicotz's game increased their fan factor from 2 to 3.

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