Saturday 11 February 2012

The first Battle

so here we have the first moves after a bad rolls of events (both the russians and the french got dissentery ¡double 1!) the artmies started moving west.
the first contacts: in the north marshal Mc Donald sees himself besiged in Riga and starts building redoubts, in the south a russian and a french army are cutting both their supply lines at the same time and in the center, Napoleoun Murat and the Viceroy of Italy Eugene advance thowards Moscow, one of them, Murat will clash with the army of Bagration. The game was played with blackpowder rules.

The french deployment:
commander in chief: the king of Naples Murat

Delzon's Division: 3 infantry brigades (4bases each), converged grenadiers, (3bases) converged voltigeurs (3bases) and a battery of two cannons

Millhaud Division: 2 dragoons brigades (4each) and a battery of 2 mounted cannons

Jan Zizka division: 2 veteran infantry brigades (4each), 2 german infantry brigades (4each), battery (2)

Bagration's army

commander in chief: prince Bagration

Ouvarov's division: cuirassier brigade (4), hussars brigade (4), first position battery (3), Kiev grenadiers (4)

Kutaisov division: imperial guard (4), New ingria regiment first jägers (2), Ivanovo infantry (2)

Kamenski division: soum regiment (4), Danilov cossaks (4), second position battery (4)

the poles move onwards across the forest

while the russians take the village of Arktyrka

in the flank the dragoons move with artillery support

the russian center: guards and grenadiers

one of the dragoon brigades charge against the Soum regiemnt who repulses them in square

at the right of the line danilov's cossaks charge against the 2ème dragoons

and flee the field!

the russian center is suffering alot from the fire of infatry columns and artillery (the platic markers are for disordred units and the dice for wounds)

after the first position battery has been destroyed bya a bayonet charge the rest of the division falls back, this falnk has alraedy seen alot of slaugther with a german regiment and the cuirassiers routed by deadly volleys.
the winners of the day: the solid french center


  1. Looks good so far. Interesting action.
    When taking photographs, try having your camera on a "pole or stick to help steady the camera. Most camera have a screw in position at bottom.

    As for markers, make some which blending into the game tabletop board background. Helps with the photos

    I await the next report.

    Michael aka WR

  2. thanks for the advices!

    in fact is a bit difficult to take pics while playing, specially if the battelfield doesen't have an excellent illumination.