Friday, 27 October 2017

The Strait of Dawn

 With two basic elf fleets ready it was time for some Man o' War action!
Each fleet has one dragonship, one eagleship and a squadron of three hawkships plus a wizard.
As terrain I used some of my recent shoreforts; the wind was coming from the far table edge.
 Music was on point too
 The battle began with my wakships bombarding the enemy dragonship
 My flagship then closed with the enemy, firing the prow bolt throwers as it went
 The enemy hawkships sailed around an island intent on turning my flank
 The high elf hawkship struggles against the wind
 My dragonship rams and damages her counterpart
 Then my eagleship fires a volley of bolts, causing a critical and sinking the enemy dragonship
The remaining eagleship fired a broadside, but wa soon overtaken by my ships, dismasted and conquered in a one sided boarding action. The high elves conceded at this point.

Since this first game was played in under an hour, we had the chance to do another two to get to grips with the rules, my opponent even winning once!

After the three fights it became clear that the hawkships need square bases to ease their moves. 
The first battle was played at 600pts, which seems about the right size for quick and funny games, so if I make further fleets they'll be 600ish points each.