Saturday, 20 May 2017

Defend the turf!

 I've joined the shadow war Armageddon in the local GW and I can say that it's as good as the original necromunda. Right we do not have hive gangs but this way any player can join in the fun.
The game was Ordo Xenos vs Imperial Guard so pretty similar gangs and equipment.
 I got the mission to sneak a warrior across the board so I deployed away from my opponent to get a clean run 
 Two snipers took the tower but the inquisition warband got first turn, and their superior gear began to tell, making one of them trip and fall to his death
 Ordo xenos sniper...

 My runner rushed, while some eschers advanced
 The inquisitor sliced a guard she has three wounds and servoarmour, a tough nut to crack
 I caused her one wound wit my sniper
 The rest of my warband arrived while the inquisitrix moved aside
 One of my snipers killed the inquisition one
 The inquisitrix however charged in and killed the two gangers on the bastion
 All to no avail, one guard crossed the border, claiming victory
Then battle was down to my remaining warriors retreating from the board under heavy fire, some managed it but most not. With my gang somewhat depleted I claimed victory, the sniper who fell died and the rest got some advances. With the money from the campaign phase I replaced the dead sniper and upgraded the warband to its maximum of 10 warriors. Next game most of my gals (and guys) will be recovering from wounds so it won't be an easy game...

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


 Last battle of our Austrian Sucession minicampaign: Fontenoy. After getting reinforcements from the previous games, the allies under the duke of Cumberland attempt to push on and rout the french from the field. Their adversaries under the marèchal de saxe await the onslaught.
 The allied CiC Billy "the butcher" moves around Fontenoy in two lines
 The advancing austrians and dutch are mowed down by the fusillade
 The french mounted guards attempt to envelop the british
 But are charged by the guard dragoons and flee from the table
 Austrian hussars try to take the guns but are repelled by the stubborn gunners
 The imperial infantry destroys some french with canister and musket
 After the irish "wild geese" abandon Fontenoy for unfathomable reasons, the austrian conscripts take their chance and seize the empty village
 Meanwhile, the british guards have taken the guns in the french left
 While the ones in the right fall prey to austrian infantry and hussars
 With two of his three brigades reduced to one unit each the french player concedes
 Many frenchies dead for no allied loss

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Guilliman vs eldar

 A game at a GW against eldar, I brought Guilliman, sisters of silence, a culexus and skyhammer vs two D knights and lots of bikes
 Sisters are wiped out by multilasers
 The culexus too
 Skyhammer falls in and kills some bikes, but the grav devastators are picked out before the knights come in from reserves
 The "assault squads" charge and kill some eldar units
 A lone iron hand survives miraculously the attentions of some warp spiders

 Guilliman kills a tank
 The iron hand charges, but is felled by overwatch
 Knights gang up on Guilliman
 And after some impressive inv saves...
...they chop him with the swords.

Eldar are broken as always, I'll play against them next edition. I hope that they nerf them, since now it's the top codex and the rest of us struggle against the D spam and run and shot mechanics

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Toulon 1744

Next battle on our austrian sucession campaign is a naval one, the combined navy of France and Spain clash against the blockading british off Toulon. Scenario scale is roughly 2:1.
Both fleets have a line of  74s with fireships and frigates, the english have more 90s but the french more frigates. It was gamed with my Empire of the Seas rulebook using the same points per side.
Wind came from the backround (east) but then rolled north (left).
 Frenchies led by de la Bruyère aboard le Térrible
 Spanish rearguard with the three decker San Felipe commanded by admiral Navarro
 The brits are led by admiral Matthews in Namur (3 decks) with Lestock as second in command aboard the second rate HMS Neptune in the rear and another three decker, HMS Barfleur, reinforcing the vanguard. Historically Matthews and Lestock hated each other, with the rear refusing to commit in the battle, thankfully for the interests of George II, during this game, the british fleet was controlled by only one player.
 The english veer to starboard to close on the enemy, their light ships keep back

 The allies form two wedges à la Nelson
 Then the brits turn into the wind, presenting their broadsides to the enemy and firing first
 One allied fireship strikes to long range bombardment

 But soon the remaining one crashes against the line and blows up!

 The two ships in range of the explosion lose one damage and are aflame
 The allies then attack at the tips of the wedges while keeping some ships back
 Lestock's flag HMS Neptune damages a spanish badly enough for her to strike to the next brit
 The brits also use their fireships against the gaps in their line causing some damage

 Even to themselves!

 The combat soon turns into the familiar yardarm to yardarm struggle
 A british man o' war is swamped by french and strikes
 Under relentless fire from the passing english line a french surrenders with all her guns dismounted
 Burning from the fireship blast, an allied frigate also strikes
 The three decker HMS Barfleur becomes entangled with another of his brothers in the middle of vengeful french, a bad place if any! 
 Decided not to be undone by his rival, Lestock, admiral Matthews breaks the allied line, all guns blazing. He then veers hard to starboard enveloping a doomed two decker
 Under fire by no less than four british ships, the poor french strikes
 Lestock is boarded by a suicidaly brave spanish frigate!
 Another french strikes to the ship astern of the disentangled Barfleur 
 Barfleur comes to grips with le Térrible
 A point blank duel ensues, the french flagship weathering apalling storms of roundshot

 Another french is plumelled by two british and surrenders
 While a spanish, that was about to board a weakened british, is devastated by Matthews and his ships, who come to the rescue of their beleguarded comrade
 The reckless stunt against lestock didn't end well
 However, a second brit strikes to the San Felipe, after being in a bording action with her for all the battle, at least she has kept the spanish flag from joining the general action
 The battle ends with the allied van intact, but their center and rear cut to pieces
The results speak for themselves: with 9 british prizes for the paltry allied 2 (27 to 9 in points)it is a great victory for the Royal Navy, that has turned around the actual outcome.
By massing against one of the two wedges and keeping the other distracted with some bait, the brits have destroyed half of the enemy fleet at little cost to themselves. The double wedge also created a gap between them where the british could pass, firing both broadsides, and then cut the rear of one or the other, since no forces were left to plug it.