Saturday, 13 May 2017

Guilliman vs eldar

 A game at a GW against eldar, I brought Guilliman, sisters of silence, a culexus and skyhammer vs two D knights and lots of bikes
 Sisters are wiped out by multilasers
 The culexus too
 Skyhammer falls in and kills some bikes, but the grav devastators are picked out before the knights come in from reserves
 The "assault squads" charge and kill some eldar units
 A lone iron hand survives miraculously the attentions of some warp spiders

 Guilliman kills a tank
 The iron hand charges, but is felled by overwatch
 Knights gang up on Guilliman
 And after some impressive inv saves...
...they chop him with the swords.

Eldar are broken as always, I'll play against them next edition. I hope that they nerf them, since now it's the top codex and the rest of us struggle against the D spam and run and shot mechanics