Wednesday, 17 May 2017


 Last battle of our Austrian Sucession minicampaign: Fontenoy. After getting reinforcements from the previous games, the allies under the duke of Cumberland attempt to push on and rout the french from the field. Their adversaries under the marèchal de saxe await the onslaught.
 The allied CiC Billy "the butcher" moves around Fontenoy in two lines
 The advancing austrians and dutch are mowed down by the fusillade
 The french mounted guards attempt to envelop the british
 But are charged by the guard dragoons and flee from the table
 Austrian hussars try to take the guns but are repelled by the stubborn gunners
 The imperial infantry destroys some french with canister and musket
 After the irish "wild geese" abandon Fontenoy for unfathomable reasons, the austrian conscripts take their chance and seize the empty village
 Meanwhile, the british guards have taken the guns in the french left
 While the ones in the right fall prey to austrian infantry and hussars
 With two of his three brigades reduced to one unit each the french player concedes
 Many frenchies dead for no allied loss