Thursday, 16 November 2017

Steel Legion comissar

 Long time ago I bought this lead miniature that was then super cool, for some reason never got to paint it. Nowadays with my 8th ed guard motivation I felt like painting it and here is the result.
I know that he has some "ink mishap" in the brown areas, that is now more or less fixed, the vallejo sepia shade glazes up sometime after drying, which sends me into the neverending quest for the perfect shade (again)

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Konor campaign: Drenthal's moon

 Another game in the ongoing campaign a the local GW, this time I fad to fight it out against Death Guard for unclaimed territories. I got to move some terrain and chose the board edge thanks to the warp travel table, so the chaos edge was a bit sparse in scenery.
 The hordes of green
 One of my pods drops and the salamander captain emerges intent on killing the drone
 The chaos defiler is killed by concentrated las fire
 The zombies are destroyed by the punisher tank, which nowadays pumps out an unholy amount of shots, 40 no less!
 The drone evades the sallies and wanders around
 "Typhus" appears from the warp in the imperial weak flank
 The tacticals are killed by the drone's plague hoses
 "Typhus" charges the marine captain, killing him without breaking sweat

 The drone jumps over a large blob of conscripts to attack my firebase
 After three turns of concentrated fire, the last devastator dies on the middle building
Typhus and plaguemarines charge and kill a bunch of conscripts, who stay on the fight thanks to a valhallan relic boltpistol wich boosts their morale

As the shop closes, the battle comes to an end, the guard wins 9-7 and captures the moon of Drenthal.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Paddy Mc'Cullough

 Notorious IRA leader Paddy Mc'Cullough has been captored by the black & tans, and his men rush to the recue. The IRA riflemen are deployed in the center, with the british at the oposed ends. One of the british groups has the prisoner, whichever side ends the battle in base contact with him at the end of the last turn wins.
 British command leading Paddy to torture interrogation
 The rebels barring the path
 And the british reinforcements
 The irish open up, killing some brits
 The return volley downs some of them 
 With most of the guard group killed, the IRA makes a run for it!
 The black&tan liutenant drags Paddy trough the woods
But is seduced by an irish girl from the random event cards, abandoning his charge and giving the game away to the independentists. Erin go bragh!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Pouian Hiveguard: veteran squad

 The Pouian Hiveguard regiment stems from the world of the same name. Its hives are dystopian industrial hellscapes as is common in the Imperium, with the noble ruling house looking down on the inferior classes from the heights of the spire. The regiment has taken to heart this philosophy, including vast numbers of hive scum as conscripts to shield the more valuable household infantry that has sworn allegiance to the noble house Cervarium, the rulers of the planet. Each hive is the feudal domain of a scion from the house, and its regiments wear proudly its heraldy: a crimson deer head on a field of gold. Rarely do the nobles visit the hives tough, most dwelling in the jungle moon of Castor, home of the first settlement and ancient noble states. it was only with time and overpopulation that the rocky Pouia was settled, together with the airless moon of  Polux. Duly indoctrinated and fanatically loyal to the house, the hiveguard also doubles as the local Arbites.
Rumor has it that Castor was in ancient times a maiden world of the insidious eldar, and the hiveguard is always on the lookout for the alien's return, as has happened a number of times. 
The planet has commercial ties with the nearby forgeworld of Metalica, providing it with raw goods, foodstuffs and pre processed material in exchange for more advanced tech.

 The squad's number is worn in the right pauldron, while the company's icon is painted on the head, in this case it's 2nd squad of company B.

I used blue as the spot colour since it contrasts both with the gold and the red, it came out a bit muted after inking so next time maybe I'll paint it afterwards
 Of course, all genders are welcome in the meatgrinder  Imperial Guard
 Veteran squads include a number of specialists such as this sniper

Friday, 3 November 2017

BFG 900pts

 A BFG game this week, imperium vs imperium, using my horus heresy fleet lists.
One side has a retribution battleship, some dictator cruisers and frigates; while the other has a marine battlebarge and a pair of cruisers (dominator and dictator).
In the first turn the red fleet shot all its flyers and torpedoes into the retribution
 Which burned retros to stop
 The red fleet closes in, lauching more torpedoes at point blank range
 The green fleet also launches their waves of bombers and fighters
 But the battlebarge weathers the strom with antiair fire
 After having most of its weapon system disabled by marie strike squads, the retribution crashes into a red cruiser and sends boarding parties
 The battered battleship loses the combat and its warp reactors explode, takning huge chunks from the cruiser and battlebarge, which only survive thanks to bracing for impact
 The battle goes on, with the red fleet crossing the enemy line
 The frigates show up , but it's too late to affect the outcome
 Or is it? A disabled green cruiser boards the barge, however the marine crew win the fight and reduce the cruiser to a mere burning hulk. The plan was to lose and then explode of course!

 A red dominator locks onto the remaining enemy cruiser, disabling it
 Incoming bombers are seen off with turret fire
 By both red cruisers 
 With deft manoeuvring, the red fleet circles the remaining green cruiser, reducing it to scrap with massed artillery fire, the barge's bombardement cannons launching the finishing salvo
With only two frigates remaining, the greens disengage and the battle is over!