Friday, 3 November 2017

BFG 900pts

 A BFG game this week, imperium vs imperium, using my horus heresy fleet lists.
One side has a retribution battleship, some dictator cruisers and frigates; while the other has a marine battlebarge and a pair of cruisers (dominator and dictator).
In the first turn the red fleet shot all its flyers and torpedoes into the retribution
 Which burned retros to stop
 The red fleet closes in, lauching more torpedoes at point blank range
 The green fleet also launches their waves of bombers and fighters
 But the battlebarge weathers the strom with antiair fire
 After having most of its weapon system disabled by marie strike squads, the retribution crashes into a red cruiser and sends boarding parties
 The battered battleship loses the combat and its warp reactors explode, takning huge chunks from the cruiser and battlebarge, which only survive thanks to bracing for impact
 The battle goes on, with the red fleet crossing the enemy line
 The frigates show up , but it's too late to affect the outcome
 Or is it? A disabled green cruiser boards the barge, however the marine crew win the fight and reduce the cruiser to a mere burning hulk. The plan was to lose and then explode of course!

 A red dominator locks onto the remaining enemy cruiser, disabling it
 Incoming bombers are seen off with turret fire
 By both red cruisers 
 With deft manoeuvring, the red fleet circles the remaining green cruiser, reducing it to scrap with massed artillery fire, the barge's bombardement cannons launching the finishing salvo
With only two frigates remaining, the greens disengage and the battle is over!


  1. Une superbe collection de vaisseaux et véhicules, vraiment magnifiques!