Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Imperium vs necrons

 Went to a GW to play a game of 40k, last time I brought only terminators and got pasted so I decided for a change of tactic and bring a gunline instead: tanks, devastators and a typhon (antitank now).
 My opponent brought lots of infantry, a flyer a hover gun and an ark
 I got first turn and opened up: the hover gun died
 Then the flyer
 Next turn the ark was killed despite its powerful shields
 Then it was time for the infantry squads to die

Finally after killing most of the warriors and all the inmortals, the enemy conceded

Warhamer 40k is a game of lists nowadays, bring the more shooty and you win. Custodes are cool and all but it's a matter of who has the better guns.
Since the necrons had ultimate regeneration powers it was a matter of concentrating fire to wipe out units in one turn so they wouldn't recover wounds the next. Since I got plenty of firepower I began with the vehichles and then switched to the infantry.  As in the previous edition necrons are diehards but don't kill much, they are better used as allies to grab objectives.
Also, pointless to take bolter squads when you can have lascannon ones.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Last alliance elves & Sauron

 I wanted to finish the Last Alliance stuff before going on vacation, so I've painted elves from the red box and a Sauron conversion
 These elves aren't from the movie but full of characther nonetheless. The design is quite sinuous and elegant with plenty of detail, wich makes the red box the "Zvezda of fantasy".
 Our heroes from lef to right: Elrond, Glorfindel mounted and on foot and Gil Galad
 My favourite model has to be the elf girl that,m in spite of wearing an armor that protects her vital organs, retains some feminity, wearing even a tiara

 Sauron was scratchbuilt from diverse GW bits: old empire hero legs, dark elf cold rider torso, chaos head, empire arms and a meltabomb as a maul

Prospero #6

 The last battle of the campaign, I used an age of darkness mission instead of the closing mission of the heresy book (it says that you win if you lose more units than the enemy -_-).
 Valdor charging on
 As do custemptor
 The contemptor kills a squad of grenadiers
 Valdor chops a russ
 Long delayed reinforcements arrive

 More russes fall
 The remains of Prospero's defenders back up to one corner

Pic at the end of the battle,  the TS give up and concede

Monday, 24 July 2017

Frostgrave 2nd apprentice

 Made my second apprentice for the warband, equipped with a two handed weapon and a magic orb to help him cast those tricky spells. Frostgrave is as good as Modheim. If in the second the problem were unbeatable warbands in the former is the snowballing effect of the winning warband: once you win a game you get all the treasure and XP and your warband skyrockets leaving behind the rest.

 How was that spell again? I used a GW flagellant model for his confused look
My warband so far. Front rank: knight, apprentce, wizard lvl 10, apprentice 2, knight; second rank: crossbowmen and infantryman. They got plenty of casting objects.
The most used spells are elemental bolt (+2) with bone dart (+0) as backup, then leap (+2) and reveal secret (+1) to get that extra sweet treasure.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Prospero # 5

 Our latest Prospero game is the war of lies mission, Talons have the first turn and face off against a spireguard army with Thousand Sons allies.
 Custemptor takes some damage from a demolisher shell
 While the custodes reinforcements arrive

 The thousand sons lightning appears
 And kills a custodes with the sunfury missiles
 The remaining custodes appear, but get misplaced to a corner
 Three russes die in one turn 
The Thousand Sons appear but it is too late as they have lost too many units and the imperials win

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Frostgrave apprentice

 Got into frostgrave recently and it was time to paint an apprentice for my elementalist

Happy pair en route to the frozen city