Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Friedland 1807

 The last battle of our fourth coalition campaign: the russians have got an extra division thanks to winning the previous games, the french begin with less, but as the battle goes on they'll recieve more , eventually outnumbering the russians.
 The russians rush forward, aiming to kill the deployed french before the rest arrive
 A stream divides the battle in two flanks
 Rush B! Heinrichsdorf in fact

 The first reinforcements appear, a mix of poles and chasseurs
 The hussars charge towards the horse artillery
 The great battery is deployed in the right
 Ney's corps arrives, its dragoons charging the hussars
 While massed cavalry smashes against the russian battery
 The hussars were soundly defeated
 But the guns evaded behind infantry squares
 The dragoons assaulted the infantry, which formed a square
 Repelled by the infantry, the dragoons were charged in the flank and routed
 The artilley had deployed again, recieveing the charge of the chasseurs while the russian guard came under attack by the cuirassiers

 The guard formed cooly into square
 While the gunners shot down most of the enemy, finishing the rest with the ramrods
 The russian central guns didn't do much during the game, save guard passage along the stream 
 Ney's infantry was charged in the flank
 And destroyed
 In the last turns the central guns retreat from the threat of french cavalry
The time is up and the imperials retreat soundly defeated, winning the allies thus the war of the fourth coalition, and ensuring the survival of a strong independent Prussia. 

Saturday, 2 December 2017


 Jumping on the Necromunda bandwagon I decided to kickstart an ash wastes campaign. Without further ado I present you Klovis the Redeemer's personal batmobile transport: the Pulpitek.
 Puplitek is equipped with a flurry of devotional icons, a forward transport compartment and a pair of autocannons (a single stubber in the campaign since you begin with few credits)
 The vehicle is heavily weathered: driving around the ash wastes won't keep your car in pristine condition you know, with all the acid rain and scavy ambushes...

 Klovis & Malakev patrolling the wasteland

Friday, 1 December 2017

Eylau 1807

 Battle of Eylau: Napoleon clashes against the russians in the middle of winter, it has been quite cold around these parts for the last weeks, so it seemed fitting to get a snowy game in.
The russians have the advantadge in numbers (but not quality) over the french, both sides will recieve reinforcements as the battle proceeds, the villages are clockwise from top: Eylau with its two built up areas, Schlooitten, Serpallen and Rothenen
 The russians got the first turn and started to move like a tidal wave of green and fancy hats
 General Sacken bossing his men around
 While the russian reserve deploys to both flanks
 The french are quick to answer, rainining ball upon the enemy
 The guard cavalry charges gloriously into the incoming mass...
...recieveing some hurt from the russian guns
 The first line of infantry is quickly swept, but the cavalry is now depleted
 A chance that is quickly taken by the hussars who countercharge
 The tsarist columns proceed ponderously under the concerned eyes of the emperor
 The reserve artillery gets into position
 Napoleon is killed when he comes too close to the combats
 As is Murat
 The hussars rout the french èlite 
 And slam into the cuirassiers's flank only to lose the combat shamefully
 The cossacks also have their part to play, assaulting the french great battery
 A gunline nicely formed up, the Tsar will be proud
 The cossacks struggling against the gunners due to their poor combat rating
 The cuirassiers come to the rescue of the guns
 However, the canny russian plays first the combat against the guns, killing them, then combats against the flankers, being beaten and retreating
 It is now 15:00 and l'Estoq's prussians come into the field, just in time to forestall an imperial advance on the right
 Battle overview by 15:00 the french have formed a bag around Eylau (the two houses on the left) while the russians and allies close in from all directions 
 Davout's corps, due to arrive anytime will be faced with quite a welcoming comitee
 Benningsen supervising the general advance, with icons in tow
 Davout shows up in the corner just after l'Estoq
 And the guns begin to speak
 Menaced by l'Estoq, the imperials retreat into Eylau
 The russian great battery is now prepared to open a terrific bombardment on the doomed village
 Overview by 16:00

Faced with massed firepower and waves of enemies the imperial ADCs sound the retreat, they will survive today and face the enemy in our next battle: Friedland