Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Battle for Mustafar


 War in the Outer Rim! The nefarious general Grievous has seized control of the planet Mustafar, turning its factories to the separatist cause. Faced with the threat of millions of new battledroids, the Galactic Senate sends admiral Yularen to retake the volcanic world in the name of the Republic
CIS navy: in the foregroud the Invincible, followed by the Indefatigable and the Beneficence in the background

Yularen's fleet, the venators Defiant, Avenger and Resolute

The separatists get the first turn, launching a screen of ordnance
Wich is answered in kind by the clone pilots
The republic vessels cross the T, badly damaging the Indefatigable with their turbolasers
The Defiant gets hit by proton torpedoes, venting some decks to the void
Meanwhile, Grievous and his vulture fighters wipe out the Y wings
The Defiant is attacked by hyena bombers, but manages to stay in the fight
All turbolasers zero into the Indefatigable, that blows up, damaging the surrounding vessels
The Invincible has problems of her won, as one wave of LAAT gunships and another of Y wings work together to cripple her
The separatists slingshot around Mustafar, opening up with their broadsides to little effect
The venators move ahead of the providence destroyers, reducing the Ivincible to a burning hulk
The ravaged destroyer tries to strike back, but she's too mauled to do any significant damage
A swarm of LAATs unleash hundreds of boarding parties, that take out all the Beneficence's weapons
The Invincible drifts aflame
And explodes, causing some damage on the venators
Deprived of her batteries, the Beneficence attempts to board the Defiant, but the clone troopers easily rout the droids and capture the vessel, ending the game for the separatists

Munificent frigate


The munificent class friagtes were the mainstay light CIS warship in both the movie and the series, a gun platform equipped with a fearsome prow heavy trubolaser

Like the providence, this vessel has three main thursters surrounded by smaller impulsors
Separatist fleet ready for a scrap

Thursday, 7 January 2021



The first mini of the year is a librarian for the Void Crusaders chapter, he was the only Imperium model I liked from the shadowspear box so I got him separately
Sword was drybrushed

Instead of going for the camo look I picked a crimson cloak to contrast with the blue armour

Saturday, 2 January 2021

Providence carrier/destroyers


The last minis of 2020 were the first separatist spaceships. In the movies and series the providence is featured as a command vessel, but since they are the best candidates to go toe to toe with the venators, I've made them the core of the fleet

The Invincible was admiral Trench's flagship. A canny naval commander, he would meet his match in Ankin Skywalker, that would blow him up not once but twice
The most distinctive feature of this vessel are the aracnid eyes painted in the prow

A generic providence sporting the separatist icon

Thursday, 31 December 2020

Yearly recap

 This year may have proved to be the worst in the lives of many but for me it was rather good.

The lockdown early in the year didn't prove too much of a hinderance to me. Yes, I couldn't go to Switzerland, but the fact that I lived with my father meant that gaming went on as usual, and even increased. The extra time at home allowed me to clean up the pile of shame: I finished all napoleonics and 40k models and even added some nice imperial knights to round up the household.

In the second part of the year I got a new job and moved out of my dad's house to a better standard of living. This improved my drive to do wargaming stuff, with the scratchbuilt gunboat being the first of such since 2015! The extra income also allowed me to purchase more models, like the star wars fleets plus a marine librarian on the way. Of course I won't buy more until these are painted, right?

On completed projects 2020 saw two new armies in the shape of 1808- napoleonics and spanish, two new BFG fleets and the final scions of House Cervaria. Gaming went pretty much as last year, with plenty of titanicus games (Forgeworld just can't stop releasing suplements), and less historicals or napoleonics, my father only really liked the ACW skirmishes so you'll see some next year.

This year also marks my first steps in the Star Wars universe, beginning with a republic fleet. In 2021 I'd like to get into star wars legion, particularly by getting the Clone Wars starter set. Games planned are BFG, 1809 napoleonics, trenton campaign, ACW, necromunda and of course more Titanicus.

So without further ado let me wish you a happier new year!   

Top 10 of the year

1: Nighthaunts form mortal realms

These spooky boys proved to be top dog again in the blog. An identic post got the most likes several years ago, so I guess people must dig the ghostly look

2: Infanterie de Ligne 

These badly glazed french are number 2,  despite an acceptable paintjob they were ruined by vallejo ink

3: Uranus

 This BFG planet was really appreciated, as always viewers enjoy scratchbuilt terrain, wich has proved quite popular over the years

4: 30k chaplain

  This model was part of a canny purchase in wallapop, I got lysander, this guy and others for a steal

5: inquisimunda girls

 The second half of the Mortal Realms starter set, I'll probably never game with these but they are nice display models, trophy acolytes if you will 

6: Battle of Pluto

 The first report of the year proved also to be the most viewed, this 30k campaign came on the heels of the Siege of Terra novels, a fact that indubitabily added to its appeal

7: Freeman's Farm

 The culmination of a short campaign during lockdown, this game saw the glorious forces of His Majesty route the beastly rebels

8: Battle of the Pyramids

 A long hoped for setting, the egyptian games took our models to an exotic place where the french proved the victors against almost overwhelming odds

9: custodes terminators

 Slightly converted, the termies were a unit that I always wanted to have since I saw them in the collected visions book. Unconvinced by the axes, I gave them the classic bolter & fist so I could use them in heresy games, and quite effective they were too! 

10: Swiss

 As any napoleonic collector will tell you, It's a real pleasure to paint redcoat french, I choose black for the facings since I liked it more!

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Bailén 1808


To top off the year we have a napoleonic game, the battle of Bailén, featuring the two armies pinted during lockdown
While the spaniards send two flanking divisions ahead, the french advance in line
The crappy spanish cavalry retreats from the chasseurs
On y va! French dragoons dare the gauntlet of fire to take out the guns
More spanish militia appears on the field, while the french keep their steady advance
The first french reinforcements also march into the field, a swiss division marching in column
In the right, both cavalry divisions charge, starting up a long combat
Generals Castaños and Prive are the first victims of this clash

In the left the french ligne advances, impervious to the ragged spanish fire
The french musketry proves far more effective
The chasseurs are surprisingly repulsed
The confident imperials charge the enemy
But are also pushed back, pas le jour de l'arme blanche, says géneral Dupont

The last french unit marhes into the field, the fabled marines de la Garde no less!
The swiss and artillery open up a devastating fire on the enemy
The combat in the right ends with the spanish routed, but the mauled french are too damaged to be of any more use during the battle
In the center, the french infantry mercilessly pounds the milita with their muskets
Another volley destroys the spaniards in the left

The sailors kill off the last militiamen
With both spanish flanks anihilated, Dupont moves to take on the defenders of Bailén
The swiss take over an ungarrisoned building
The battery bombards the waloon guard in the village
Concentrated fire takes down many guards
And a final crashing volley routs them
The last spanish unit goes out in a blaze of glory, charging the swiss from the cottage
But are taken in the rear by the dragoons and massacred
The battle ends in a resounding french victory. Vive l'Empereur!