Thursday, 12 September 2019

Battle of Punta Roncudo

 The combined fleet meets the british at Punta Roncudo off the galician coast.
 Both fleets close in with the wind coming from the back
 Then the british veer to starboard and open fire
 Both lines open up at extreme range
 The tars try to turn the vanguard
 A spanish frigate is the first to strike
 A ship of the line catches fire but her crew puts it out in the next turn
 A spaniard two decker surrenders
 The spanish flag, Príncipe de Asturias, fires on an outgunned brit
 The vanguard becomes entangled as another ship is set aflame
 A french frigate shots through the wreck

 Two wayward ships from the van come back to the centre
 A brave englishman cuts the enemy line firing from both sides
 After several rounds of combat a french is boarded and captured
 The most mauled ships of the combined fleet limp to the rear

 The french take a page from Britannia's book, cutting also the line
 Only to be cutted and raked by the stern
 Under fire from two brits another man o' war strikes
 However the HMS Victory has been ravaged and lowers her flag
 More spanish surrender
 The melee in the vanguard takes its toll on the french
 Several tricolours are struck

 The valiant frenchman in the rear is surrounded and destroyed
 The british are not without losses tough
After spending the entire battle on the front line this ship can take no more
 View at the end of the battle
 No tactics, just slugging it out

A resounding british victory: only three ships lost for nine french
 The combined fleet retreats to link up with the rest of its ships in the mediterranean

Necromunda: guild of coin

 The guild of coin not only oversees the interchange of guilder credits and currency deposits on Necromunda but also controls and taxes the paths and roads of the planet. As such their wealth is based on the trade and incursion routes that connect the different parts of the hive and wasteland, racking up the tolls paid for the diferent gangs and traders.
 Kaslain is the master of coin of this little "business association". He carries a key, the badge of his office, which conceals the cleverly designed unlocking mecanisms, pass-codes and credit accounts essential for his trade. The servoprinter implanted in his torso spews out the banking balances of his many clients, as you can see someone is in deep trouble! He is armed with an ornate laspistol, a power knife and protected by displacer field. Kaslain is followed by a gun servoskull made from the remains of one of his many debtors, the message is clear: pay... or else.

 Aureliolus is Kaslain's skinflint or accountant, he is overencumbered by the many tomes detailing his master's enterprises all over the hive, and wields a potent plasma pistol to make the displeasure of the guild known to the debtor scum

 Hank and Clavius are the thug-muscle of the group, as befits such an affluent organitzation they have state of the art weaponry: long rifles, shotguns and combat knives.
Scout models are great for Necromunda, packed with character and survival gear
The knives were converted from Betrayal at Calth swords

All the allies for the campaign: to the right the lawful members of the promethium and coin guilds, in the center more unaligned mercs and to the left the shady criminals that prowl on the edges of the law

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Necromunda: promethium guild

 Continuing with the allies pool, here we have the guild of fire: an organitzation devoted to selling promethium and enery to all reaches of the hive. The boss of the squad is the mercatrix pyros (with the bob cut) equipped with a shock staff, laspistol and refractor field, to the right is the pyromagir, armed with a flamer, stub gun and another refractor field, the henchmen of the guild are the cynders equipped with  maul, laspistol and their devotion to the sacred flame.
 These are old models repurposed for the guild, so painting may be less than stellar, with some bits and bobs added like the fire head
 These guys will be the starting allies for Klovis at the beginning of the campaign