Monday, 11 November 2019

Beauty & the beasts

 The corpse guild of Necromunda processes the remains of dead hivers, rendering them into corpse-starch and other useful stuff. The pale consort is the boss of the work detail, with a bone scrivener to keep track of the carcass accounts, two indetured mutants get to do the dirty job of chopping the remains and stowing them away for further processing
The guilder is equipped with a mesh armour bodysuit, laspistol and knife, a respirator mask plus a medi skull to determine the suitability of the bodies
 Recycle for the Greta good!

 Te scrivener is the right hand girl of the consort, waving an ostentatious icon made of priceless wood and gold, wielding a knife for scrapes and a gun skull to blast away

 Finally the corpse grinders round up the gang, these guys are all brawn and no brains!

 They can also LARP as pit fighters for the slaver guild, in that band they are equipped with drug dispensers shown here in the back to keep them in the fight

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Metalica Sector

The Metalica Sector in 200 M42

The Eastward Arm
Laying to the east of the galactic core, the worlds that form the Metalica sector are as diverse as the stars themselves, next to the ork empire of Charadon and the reforged realm of Ultramar the cluster stands as a frontier zone on some of the most contested areas of realspace. Thankfully far from the evils of the Great Rift the tendrils of chaos have nonetheless infiltrated the sector, with its infection specially rooted in the Amissa Anomaly. The arm is usually regarded as a manufactoring power and a pathway to the Eastern Fringe and its relative stability ensures that it can provide masses of men and war matterial for the imperial war effort.

Elcanu's Haven
First discovered by the rogue trader Elcanu during the Great Crusade, the Haven proved a safe harbour for his battered fleet and its rich worlds a welcome addition to the Imperium. The recalcitrant world of  Dijor rebuffed the advances of the envoys of Terra and was only brought into the fold after a costly siege by the Iron Warriors legion. Iulia is an oceanic agriworld teeming with life that provides the hives and installations of the subsector with much needed foodstuffs, the short warp jump from there to Dijor ensuring that the hiveworld is well supplied, warp permitting. 
The smog shrouded Dijor hiveworld, capital of the subsector.

Janiculum B is a young world wracked by tectonic instability, however is precisely such a trait that makes it ideal for the small mining complex established there. Mons Sanctus is a shrineworld established to house the remains of Santa Cerbia the Judger and has become the base of the Eclessiarchy in sector with a priorate of the Order of the Bloody Rose. Reperium Felix is a gas giant that houses many orbital stations and repair docks for those traders making the jump to the nearby Balor sector, whereas Eliah III is a small habitable world with dense jungle forests. Finally the worthless Fides system is only remarkale as a warpway between Dijor and Janiculum.

Myr Reaches
The planets of Myr lay to the northeast of the sector, an amalgam of mostly airless rocks too frozen or incandescent to be of any value and often the haunt of pirates and other recidivists. It is in Agellum where the value of the subsector lies, a rare gem terraformed during the dark age of technology it provides Metalica with much of its food. The waystation on Silva 9 has grown rich with the trade, a mighty Ramilies star fort orbiting the gas giant as both guardian and stockpile of the entire subsector. Needless to say the Imperial Navy would like nothing more than scrouge the secluded worlds of the subsector of raiders, but the demands of war in more worthwile systems have pulled most of its ships away, with a small presence left to guard the agri-convoys.
Verdant plains dominate most of Agellum

Metalica Subsector
The thriving heart of the imperial establishment is the forgeworld of Metalica, its entirely urbanized surface standing as both a tribute to the Omnissiah and a testament of Mankind's power and resolution. Housing the titan legion of the Iron Heads and satrapy over the knights of Kolossi and Pouia besides uncounted legions of skitarri the world is well protected, which it proved by pushing back the massive incursion of the Death Guard legion from Amissa during the Noctis Aeterna. The priesthood of Metalica has made loathing of the flesh one of its main tenents and organic life is hunted down or raised to cyberpurity by lobotomitzation or agumentation all over the planet. The titans and tech guard hailing from there have a proud tradition of relentless war against the greenskin hordes of Charadon, a state of alert that has only been heightened by the increase in chaos raids. The Archmagos majoris of Primary Forge is the de facto imperial overlord of the entire sector, ruling his domain with calculated alogrythms and statoprocessors to ensure ultimate efficiency; however the nearby forgeword of Accatran has stubbornly maintained its independece, with contentions over mining rights on its nearby planets an usual ocurrence that has led to bloodletting in more than one occasion, much to the chagrin of the remaining imperial subjects.
The metal clad orb of Metalica

Pouia is the other industrial powerhouse of the subsector, a rare amalgam of hive and knightworld, with the ruling nobles of the spire riding into battle in their venerable warsuits. The Hiveguard regiments hailing from the planet are famed all over the sector having seved in campaigns far and wide with honours such as the Siege of Terra and the Fate of Konor campaigns. The nobility rarely habits the claustrophobic cities however and the jungle moon of Polux is riddled with their states, another little known feature of the satellite are the many xenos ruins that dot its surface, testament to the eldar natives exterminated during in M30. The gas giant of Elisah houses naval training isntallations while the airless worlds of Mercy, Rosarium and Mikaelis provide much needed minerals for the hungry forges of the hive cities.
The oceans and wastes of Pouia hold many mutated lifeforms

The next world in importance is Kolossi, home to the famous knight of house Raven. Froming the most numerous of households by far these noble fighters have riden with the titans of Legio Metalica since the dawn of the Imperium. Much like their mechanicum overlords, Raven eschews the frailties of the flesh and have moulded their world into an industrial hellscape. The penal world Johannis houses the most dangerous prisioners of the sector; a remote ice ball, it's the perfect correctional facility with nowhere to go in case of riot. The Void Crusaders space marines recruit from time to time the most promising young cons into their ranks, maintiaining a fortified keep in the inhospitable southern pole of the planet.
Marosa is a gas giant with promethium extracting plates, its proximity to the empire of Charadon has impeded the establishment of any substantial presence in the system however. Carolius VI was once a thriving world, located as it was in the thriving rimward route, however an ancient war destroyed its populace and poisoned the atmosfere, rendering it into little more than a ball of rock shrouded by lethal gases.  Costia X is the main trading hub of the sector, being the port of call for all manner of skippers and a welcome shore before braving the stormy lanes north of the Amissa Anomaly, it is also a key scale in the journey to and from Ultramar and the supply rutes from Myr.

Orbital stations such as this gird Costia X

The Lost Sector
Two hundred years ago the worlds now engulfed by the Amissa warp storm were a source of vital foodstuffs and mineral wealth for Metalica but during the nefarious Ten Hours of Madness the entire population of the agriworld of Hulan comitted mass suicide, opening a breach into the inmaterium that swallowed the entire subsector. Now its worlds are little more than perverted parodies, constantly twisting into new and horrific forms at the wim of the powers of the warp. After the defeat of the nurgle invasion, its dark corners are the haunt of all kind of heretics and worse.
The tortured madness of the Anomaly

Special rule: corrupt worlds
During the campaign roll each turn to see what kind of planet the gods of chaos have turned it into:
1D6: 1 Daemon World, the planet becomes neutral unless controlled by chaos, for them its a civilized world. 2 Garden of Slaanesh, agriworld. 3 Rotting behemoth, penal. 4 Forges of Khorne, forgeworld for chaos, mining for the rest. 5 Crystal Maze, civilized. 6 Ceaseless War, uninhabited.

Uriel Subsector
The war torn worlds of Uriel have formed the frontier between Metalica and Charadon for thousands of years and the ravages of war have taken their toll on them. Planets destroyed by exterminatus grade weapons or rendrered bare by intensive strip mining dot its vast reaches, forming a devastated no man's land between the two empires. The Imperium has managed to keep several settlements on Gabriel, mainly to export goods to Accatran and the orks infest the dusty orb of Enricos, always ready for a scrap with their neighbours. Overall it's a lawless expanse too dangerous and deprived to even serve as pirate hideout.
The bombed out ruins of Simus Viridis a typical example of the Uriel war worlds

Accatran's Crown
 The rival of Metalica in production and renown this forgeworld stands as an industrial hub in the eastern reaches of the sector. The titans of Legio Destructor keep watch on both the orks and heretics from Amissa, and the mining parties from Metalica. Accatran forms the gateway to Ultramar and so has been well protected by the ultramarines since the earliest times. During the great crusade it served as the main provender of materiel for the Five Hundred Worlds and its skitarii served together with the XIIIth legion in battles such as Calth. Accatran has also been turned into an industrial nightmare with the atmosphere too poisonous to breathe without substantial augmentation. The forges of this world are renowed by the lightweight patterns of Imperial Guard weaponry they produce, equipping specially the Elysian regiments.
 The corrosive surface of Accatran is death to the mere human

Leswa is a iceworld where promethium can be quarried in solid form, the valuable rare ores from Donacar are crucial for production of advanced technology, while Cuniculorum provides more commonplace mineral. Lyrian Secundus houses a small space station to serve traders who make the Accatran Run, while the small settlements of Harren V cling stubbornly to life despite the roughness of the planet and the puntual heretic incursion.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Mad Dog's Gladiatorium

 Sing O muse the deeds of the pure Klovis. As I was secluded in prayer in our fortress of Redemption I heard a shrill cry pierce my peaceful meditations
 One of the mercs in our employ gave the shout of alarm, we where under attack!
 The nefarious heretics where encroaching on our lighthouse of purity, set on stealing the Emeror's bounty stashed safely in there
 Undaunted by the horde Klovis led the defence, I was first on the ramparts, blowing up one transgressor
 From behind us the Redeemer took careful aim and dropped another sinner
 Alarmed by the sounds of battle brother Deza appeared
 Promptly incinerating the deviants that tried to flank us
 The blessed rain of fire from our trenches laid low yet another escher
 The pious members of the fire guild also flanked the heretics in a cunning manoeuver
 Fearless as ever Klovis came out from the hideout, blasting left and right with his new shotgun
 Brave brother Caspar was blown to bits under the heavy fusillade
 Another of our brothers was shot charging into the maelstrom of fire
 As more and more of the faithful reached us the battle turned, with the arch degenerates caugh between two fires
 The holy flame of Redemption proved once more its worth, scrouging sinners and heretics
 I helped my beloved mentor in dispatching yet another balphemous tramp
Blunted in their criminal purpouse by our resolute defence, the heretics slinked back to the shadows of their shame. Albeit casualties on our side had been low, brother Caspar was blessed with the boon of Martyrdom and fame eternal in the annals ouf our church. As the fame of our crusade spread through the hive more and more holy warriors flocked to our banner.

Hive Queen

 A green hiver just out of Hive City this gal make sup for her lack of experience with a hefty dose of enthusiasm and some heavy firepower
 You're next

 I've also repainted an escher for today's game

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Master Bruiser

 The erstwhile ruler of Tradertown, the merc known only as "the bruiser" was ousted from power by a coup staged by the infamous escher leader Tina Trasher. Now jobless and full of bitterness he roams the underhive putting his considerable skills and gigantic heavy stubber for hire
 I painted him in colours similar to my redemptionists so he can serve as their brute (stig shambler) not that I'll ever be able to field one, costing each 250 credits and all!

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Spawn of the dead

 Blessed be the Emperor, source and parangon of all light, in His name I'll tell another chapter of the life of the holy Redeemer hammer of heretics, scrouge of deviants and exemplar of crusaders. 
From Hive Primus he led us, on an epic pilgrimage through the Great Ash Road to bring the light of the blessed Redemption unto the undeserving sinners of the Black Harbour. The most wise prince Ignatius from the hallowed house of Hewlmar offered us his support. He had been suffering of a troubled mind ever since wiping out his brothers and sister upon his ascension to the throne but Klovis put his guilt at ease, assuring him that they had been a coven of degenerate heretics unfit to wear the crown of one of the most puissant hives of Necromunda.
 Karlon Voss, one of the blasphemous get of  Karloth Valois had been terrorising the lower levels of the city, and the Redeemer offered to purge the Underhive of his evil
 With help from local bounty hunters the crusade mobilized to attack the mutant hideout
 The sorcerer had the effrontery of occupying the local corpse guild, using it as a facade to hide the most heinous acts of nigromancy and witchcraft
 Alas, the squatter eschers also had spread their fetid venom all over the place so they came to claim the head of the arch heretic for themselves, probably to hid their implicit compact with all forms of sin and damnation behind a masquerade of false lawfulness
 Materialist as they where the hags had thrown their lot with the miserly guild of coin
 Our far more spiritual allies of the promethium guild soon proved their worth by cleansing two zombies with their blessed flames, truly is fire the weapon of the faithful!
 Terrified by the onrushing horde of undead, our enemies manged to kill some
 The vixens hid behind machinery, sniping feebly
 I led my brethren in glorious charge against the plague zombies
 Their futile attemps where soon brought to naught as the undead creatures crashed into their ranks

 Lacking the stomach to fire on the swirling melee, the sinners charged in an impotent attempt to save their already doomed companion
 Klovis and I attacked the closest zombie, ripping it appart in holy slaughter
 To my left one of our novices proved his worth by finishing off another of the gruesome creatures
 One of the eschers not only was felled by the rotting mutants but also was infected by their poison, rising up and joining the hordes of hell. Truly a sign that their inner corruption will always seep out and show on their, sinful, scantily clad bodies!
 The brave Caspar put and end to the heresy by stabbing the foul form of the heretic Voss
 Klovis joined his faithful servant on the vanguard, spreading the holy flame of the Sword of Persecution amongst the heretics
 The few scattered shots that answered him were not enough to test his fiery zeal, and having witnessed the power and majesty of his sacred onslaught, the harridans retreated from the field
In his wisdom Klovis decided to put the Corpse Guild under his personal purview, so no further heresy would flourish in the sacred ground destined to the martyrs of the Imperium