Saturday, 20 October 2018

Flumen City

With the moon in the hands of the loyalists the traitors turned their gaze to the cities of Maerdan, the capital Fulmen City was hotly contested by both sides, with the engines of the legions bringing war on a titanic scale to the surrounding generatora and processing silos. With the planet still contested every battle was decisive for the final outcome of the war.
The horusian player attacked Fulmen City with Metalica defending
Both legios got the vital cargo mission, they had to leave the board with one titan by the opposite side
Metalica got the initiative and pressed onto the traitors that were massed in the right

An open are between silos and a generatorum was to be the decisive killing ground were the battle would be fought, being the only way trough for Legio Mortis
Imperius Tenebrus traded shots with an enemy engine barricaded behind the generator
Wile both sides traded blows Imperius Quintus sneaked towards the exit

One of the traitors made a run for it with striding speed
Quintus leaves with her cargo
The escapee is stopped by concentrated firepower and wrecking ball to the torso
The warlord tumbles and falls, while the loyalists surge forwards. With a devastating volley Imperius Tenebrus silences the titan behind the building, taking her out of the picture
Imperius Galgamech loses her shields, but her enemies aren't too better off
The last turn is come and the traitor cargo is still in their deployment zone, unconceivable!
I made this building as a kind of test, next to the warlord looks good but in the board was very small and lonely, perhaps he needs more neighbours? It was really quick to make so I might print more.
Not too happy with the "urban board" Oriol's jungle looks far better!

Friday, 19 October 2018

Titanicus terrain 2.0

 Tweaked slightly this paper terran that I designed for epic sometime eago soon to be printed and used in titanicus

Monday, 15 October 2018


 I was recently commissioned to paint this horde of lothern sea guard, despite the soul destroying grind that batch painting ch painting is I enjoyed doing these elves with all the gems and fine details. The colours were chosen by the client and the bases will be done by him too, that way he can tie up the unit with the rest of his army. 
If anyone has an interest  on getting their miniatures painted to a good standard feel free to mail me, I charge one euro for mini to the standard above, more fany paintjobs are also available.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Battle for Arrian Bastion

 Not only to the surface of the planet was the fight for Maerdan confined, its many satelites also saw bloody battles between traitor and loyalist. Chiefly among them was the moon Tharian, home to the void defence base called Arrian Defence Bastion, whoever controlled the instalations would not only be master of the surrounding space but also be able to make rain atomic fire upon the enemy thanks to the wealth of defence missiles stockpiled inside...
 In this Meeting Engagement game both sides wrote in secret their objective in secret then deployed, however since we both picked the destroy the enemy option it was prettty evident fro turn one). Legio Mortis spread her titans in two groups of two while Metalica formed a mass pointing to the right. Then the battle began with Metalica having the initiative.
 Imperius Quintus was stripped of her shields by the engine of princeps seniores Jagan of Mortis
 However the loyalists reacted fast, stripping the voids from Abolitorus (next to the "traitor's hand") and damaging her torso with aimed shots
 Imperius Damnatio turned right to help her beleguarded comrade
 Both Mortis were now shieldless while the rest of the maniple was locked on first fire orders
 Albeit savaged by the continous volley Quintus staggers on, even destroying her enemy's volcano 
 Abolitorus ran away chased by shots, but when her enemies closed in, not even the incoming reinforcements seemed able to save her
 Princeps Jagan also turned his engine away from Quintus but to no avail
 The loyalist mauled her torso with the anihilator, giving the coup de grace with her powerfist, the traitor staggered on for some metres, falling then to the ground
The rest of Mortis arrives too late
 With a well aimed blaster volley Tenebrus killed Tantus Abolitorus, sealing the game
 As the loyalists take over Arrian the traitors flee to the planet below.

Clearly the traitor player made a mistake during his deployment in dividing his force, the loyalists only had to concentrate all the firepower in one flank. Since it was the first game where we used orders we both comitted some mistakes, I wasted an order phase by failing a movement order first and he locked his right titans into place with first fire.
Since the loyalists have conquered the moon it's time to update the map
 I even made some ad hoc terrain: missile silo/Necromunda hatch

Friday, 5 October 2018

Ruin of Maerdan: the beginning

Three years into the Great Betrayal, the forces loyal to Terra found themselves embroiled in a protracted war against the followers of Horus for the verdant planet of Maerdan. A mere colony world on the edge of the Segmentum Solar, its location on the border between traitor and loyalist turned it into a bitter battlefield, with its cities cast into ruin and the green jungles scorched by war. 
Being one of the many doorsteps to the solar system and the throneworld itself, whoever conquered it would tip the balance of the galactic civil war. The Legio Metalica and the Legio Mortis fough many a battle, their mighty engines shaking the earth with heavy tread and the roar of their guns.
From de Belli Titanourum
Welcome to our newest campaign,  retaking the moribund heresy hobby with the release of Titanicus, I've put together two legiones to fight it out. The setting is the planet Maerdan (map above). Both players take turns in attacking a location, if one wins a battle there gains a control point, hoever has more control gains the territory and its benefits for the next games. At the end of the campaign (around christmas I hope) whoever has more territories wins.
Metalica got the initative, making it rain on the rightmost enemy: Manus Mortis
Most of the developed around the right flank with two warlords milling round in the left
Mortis stripped the shields of Imperius Tenebrus, but was also left shieldless in return
A beam of Tenebrus's blasters blows up Mortis's plasma anihilator
In the left Imperius Damnatio lost all her shields
Taking the chance, Imperius Quintus swings around and leaves Mortis with only two damages left in the torso plus two criticals with a single volley of the plasma gun, sadly Tenebrus failed to destroy the location, ending the game in a draw
We played the titanic clash scenario of the rulebook, with only the basic rules. Our next game will see more advanced rules added (orders!) and a fourth warlord per side.