Friday, 1 December 2017

Guards vs Eldar: battle for Drenathal

 Another game this week in the ongoing 40k campaign.
This time I faced off against the new eldar, I wanted to see how did they do in the new edition, after all the changes, so this promised to be an interesting match.
 The space elves seized the initiative with a 6' and began to bring the pain, mauling most of my units with their abundant shooting
 Specially scary was this unit of 20 guardians, that dropped in front of me and were buffed with psychic powers so I had a -1 to hit them
 These bikes moved twice and went after some devastators
 The warp spiders appeared in some ruins
 My right devastators saw their last in front of the spearbikes, giving first blood away
 My drop pod appears and the marines inside damage somewhat the eldar prism
 One unit of conscripts charges the guardians
 While the other goes after the warp spiders
 The marines also managed a charge against the grav tank
 In a surprising turn of events the guardians flee from combat!
 The eldar autarch paying a courtesy visit on my middle devastators
 While the spear bikes went after one of my russes
 The banshees charged but didn't do much
 The warp spiders however killed most of the guard lascannons
 More eldars kept popping up, these striking scorpions shot and charged the tacticals
 The russ survived
But not the sergeant

It was then time to count the objectives, and I lost by one point thanks to the eldar having first blood

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