Saturday, 11 November 2017

Konor campaign: Drenthal's moon

 Another game in the ongoing campaign a the local GW, this time I fad to fight it out against Death Guard for unclaimed territories. I got to move some terrain and chose the board edge thanks to the warp travel table, so the chaos edge was a bit sparse in scenery.
 The hordes of green
 One of my pods drops and the salamander captain emerges intent on killing the drone
 The chaos defiler is killed by concentrated las fire
 The zombies are destroyed by the punisher tank, which nowadays pumps out an unholy amount of shots, 40 no less!
 The drone evades the sallies and wanders around
 "Typhus" appears from the warp in the imperial weak flank
 The tacticals are killed by the drone's plague hoses
 "Typhus" charges the marine captain, killing him without breaking sweat

 The drone jumps over a large blob of conscripts to attack my firebase
 After three turns of concentrated fire, the last devastator dies on the middle building
Typhus and plaguemarines charge and kill a bunch of conscripts, who stay on the fight thanks to a valhallan relic boltpistol wich boosts their morale

As the shop closes, the battle comes to an end, the guard wins 9-7 and captures the moon of Drenthal.

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