Friday, 10 November 2017

Paddy Mc'Cullough

 Notorious IRA leader Paddy Mc'Cullough has been captored by the black & tans, and his men rush to the recue. The IRA riflemen are deployed in the center, with the british at the oposed ends. One of the british groups has the prisoner, whichever side ends the battle in base contact with him at the end of the last turn wins.
 British command leading Paddy to torture interrogation
 The rebels barring the path
 And the british reinforcements
 The irish open up, killing some brits
 The return volley downs some of them 
 With most of the guard group killed, the IRA makes a run for it!
 The black&tan liutenant drags Paddy trough the woods
But is seduced by an irish girl from the random event cards, abandoning his charge and giving the game away to the independentists. Erin go bragh!


  1. Great game report- an interesting conflict to game.



  2. What a nice lloking game, lovely minis and terrain!