Sunday, 17 April 2016

Chaos daemons

 My father gave me a box of lower abyssals for my saint, ideal for summoning into the battlefilds of the heresy. The box brings 20 heroic scale daemons and 8 imps or in GW terms 20 bloodletters, 4 unit fillers and 4 heralds. There are also options for giving them flme-spexwing hands (flamers of tzeentch?). Mantic has finally managed what no other company achieved, sell the stuff in gig enough boxes to store the models uright. This kit is great, the figures are really dynamic, with lots of spooky details such as bone scycthes(!) and have a comical aspect which fits well with their trolling rules:
All in all a good purchase with magnific detail and self storage! I rate it 9/10 due to lack of extra weapons.

 My favorite head is this one: totally satanic, I used it in the squads "sergeants"
 And the best model
 2nd unit

 I transformed one with wings and flames to use as Angron in Epic 40k
 Or a LOTR balrog

 Unit fillers...

 ...or Epic bloodthirsters?
 Angron&friends vs grey knights
 Finally, the heralds of tzeentch

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