Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Lützen 1813

 The battle of Lützen today: Napoleon has hooked the prusorussian army using Ney's corps as bait and leads the rest of his army to surround the surprised allies.
 While Ney resists in the village of Gross Gröschen, Napoleon comes in with the first reinforcements
 Imperial guard
 And Marmont's corps
 The french artillery and muskets in Gröschen crossfired on one of the incoming allied units
 Weakening it prior to the assult
 The allied cavalry charged towards the reinforcements, but fell short
 While the infantry moved to the village of Rahna
 Soon more french forces entered the battlefield, this time in the allied left flank
 The french, moving faster in march column reached the villages before the alles and entrenched themselves in

 The allies reacted to the danger on their flank with hussars
 And some guns
 Attack on Gröschen
 The russian unit was routed by canister and the prussians retreated
 Bücher was killed in this action
 And Ney just wounded

 In the french left flank two cavalry units came in and charged the guard cavalry, which was attempting to evelop their center
 Skillful manoeuvres to dodge the guns's field of fire
 The guard were overwhelmed and rapidly routed
 The russians also charged Rahna, garrisoned by the Imperial Guard
 The hussars charged the bothersome french column
 That cooly formed into square
 And were unsurpisingly routed
 Even the russian CiC, Wittgensrein, was killed
 The fight around the square remained undecisive for many turns, but the french general, Bertrand, was killed

 The french evaquated the village of Starsiedl (in their rextreme right) and charged the russians, carrying all in their path
 Their general, Marmont was killed, but the AdC soon took command
 The dreadlock was finally broken around the square
 While the russian cossacks encircled the french rear
 The french cavalry moved against the russian center and prudently, the allies moved their guns behind their own infantry

 The french kept flanking the allies, charging their guns
 The cossacks charged the french artillery, but the imperials had more than enough time to prepare and had organized a welcoming comitee which woud make short work of the russian riders
 The hussars charged again
 Into the jaws of death, into mouth of hell rode the ¿cossaks?: Guns on their right
 Guns on their front
 And muskets on their left
 The obvious result of such suicidal charge
 The hussars crashed against a square and were even countecharged in the rear
Ridiculous overkill ensued and the allies finally conceded

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