Sunday, 24 April 2016

Purging of Cthonia

 This time went over to Mark's place for the second battle of the campaign, I decided to attack the mines of the planet Cthonia.
First time making smoke with photoshop, hope you like it.
 Zone mortalis with new terrain: columns, machinery and stalagmites made with an amalgame of tablet tubes, food containers, sand, insulation board and plastic sheet for the bases. The containers were lent by Oriol, painted in bright colours since he is a nostalgic of citadel's red age.
 I brought my trusty Blood Angels divided in two, inferno mortitat deployed and termies in reserve
 Baptism of fire for my Sons of Horus, another unit of vets was in reserve


 BaC cataphractii ready to defend their home...
 SoH got first turn and moved behind cover
 The mortitat used his phase walker to jump in front of the surprised termies only to kill just one. Really? so much hype  with the new rules and all for nothing
 Of course the termies minced him in the next turn, disappointing.

 My reserve came in, divided due to lack of space
 The round base is an automated gun for which we didn't have model (yet!)

 The termis made short work of their hated cousins
 While Licinius, equipped with the new perdition blade, killed an entire unit of vets on his own, impressive!

 The SoH delegatus was isolated by the terrain and swiftly killed, but not before taking one of his enemies with him first
 Licinius tried to repeat his exploit but was killed by the vets with sniper rule
 Argh! I can still win this
 My termies killed the gun servitor, wary of the vets now
 Last turn standoff, will the vets kill the last blood angels and secure a draw?
Nope, Loyalist victory altough one in extremis
With one planet returned to the imperial fold it was time to upgrade the campaign map, the Warmaster is gonna be furious about this!


  1. Nice! Looks like it was a fun game!

  2. Hard fought too!
    Next time there will be titans...

  3. Great battle write-up. I put it in my weekly batrep roundup:

    1. Thanks! stay tuned for more Heresy goodness