Saturday, 2 April 2016

Battle near Terra

With Mark, a guy I met over at Bolter & Chainsword, I've begun a Horus Heresy campaign with Forgeworld rules. These are rather simple: each player chooses a planet in their turn and the battle is played according to the characteristics of it, if the attacker wins he gets one control point and the strategic benefits from the location. The player with more planets (where he has most control points) at the end of a determined number of battles wins the campaign.
 Mark (playing as Horus's forces) choose to attack Terra in a BFG battle
 We got just two random units on the board and the rest would come as reserves
 He got most of his fleet in turn 1 against my lone battlebarge

 However my barge had the greater range and crossed the T on a cruiser, wrecking it
 I got some reinforcements also
 The barge soon recieved an expected retaliation
 While yet another traitor cruiser joined the fray

 The ordnance of my barge soon got their revenge on the enemy flagship
 While my cruiser launched a bomber wave against her opponent in the other side of the table
 The battleship still had teeth
 And a hidden weapon: a mark of chaos ideal for boarding
 Things looked grim for the loyalist barge, surrounded and unable to move with her engines damaged, and now the barge had to suffer all the strength of waves of assault ships
 I won the boarding unexpectedly however
 In the other side, the lone traitor cruiser got hit by bombers and torpedoes and was crippled

 My cruiser also felt the bomber's wrath
 But closing on the enemy, launched a devastating ordnance wave that finished off the traitor cruiser

 Thankfully the rest of my fleet finally arrived
 The frigates now moved to engage the new threat
 Surviving some bomber waves
 One of the crippled cruisers crashed against the volcanic moon 
 Two of the traitor frigates were destroyed by further bombers

 The battleship, with her engines also damaged, was unable to escape from a torpedo wave which left her with just one remaining damage
With his flagship agout to die, Mark decided to concede and so the battle ended

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