Saturday, 7 October 2017

Salamanders and guard vs ultramarines

 Welcome to the monthly game of 40k!
This time I took a strong batallion of guard to test their new rules, with Pask, comissars and plenty of conscripts, they were supported by four devastator squads. My opponent brought a smurf bike army.

 It was the outing of my redemptionists
 My tank commander was killed in turn one by laser devastators
 Pask was mauled by meltas
 While the bikes charged in
Some redemptionists died, but a bike was brought down

 Next turn I concentrated most of my fire to kill just one stormraven
 The biker captain then killed pask with his meltagun
 Then melta vets showed up behind my lines but didn't do much
 In the last turn it was rush for the objectives
 Since the shop closed, we counted up points and I was soundly defeated 6-4.

My review of the few units from the new guard codex that I took is that the russ is good but not resistant enough to spend lots of points in it, I would have been better off with a single squadron of two tanks. The conscripts got seriously nerfed: they don't kill much now, but are good at grabbing objectives. Kudos to my opponent who won with a softcore list against my harcore one.

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