Friday, 20 October 2017

Battle of the five armies

 Battle of the five armies, a force of dwarfs, men and elves must withstand succesive waves of orcs before Beorn and the eagles come to the rescue
 Thorin and co exit Erebor to take part in the battle
 While the warg riders move ahead, the orc infantry footslogs on

 The elves form back to back in order to repel incoming orcs from the north

 The orcs show up away from the elves and charge some poor laketown militia
 The warg riders charged but were soon anihilated
 A lone rider stands against fairly unscatched elves
 The elves form a square and shot in all directions

 Slow grind in the east arm of the mountain

As time passed my father conceded after the masses of Bolg's guard came into play

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