Sunday, 1 October 2017

Klovis & Malakev

"A man is like an ash weed, tumbling this way and that with nowhere to go, uness he has a cause! And what greater, holier  cause than to cleanse Necromunda from sinners like you!"
 Painted the leader of my redemptionists, Klovis of the house of Cawdor, hero of necromundan comics of the same name published years ago. Read them for some good natured fun.

 Klovis is armed with a combi flamer-eviscerator: the sword of prosecution
 He carries the crown of all cleansing flame, equipped with two promethium tanks in order to never run out of fuel. The tanks come from the cadian shock troops with the hose reposed, the brazier is from Guilliman's base.
 Hi is also equipped with a plasma pistol and a flaming flail: the Mortifier
 And what would be of Klovis without his untrustworthy sidekick: Deacon Malakev?
 Malakev is armed with an axe and a crappy stub gun
 He carries the liber excruciatus, a compilation of Klovis's aids to repentance (i.e. tortures)

The Batman & Robin of 40k!