Thursday, 1 June 2017

Itopanch: clash in Chopan bay

Our brave adventurer's tales continue in the island of Itopanch, this time both have taken to sea and a bitter battle is about to begin over the waves!

 The ogres get the initiative and begin to hole the lizardmen ship

 After several broadsides are exchanged the temple guardian's ship begins to sink!
 The ship now begins to drift out of the board while a skink jumps overboard, frightened by the floundering vessel
 Sea creatures begin to show up, a siren leaves cold a skink, not enough scales?
 While a shark bites impotently at the maneater ship
 However the lizards still have teeth and manage to sink the enemy ship
 The ogres panic and jump overboard pursued by the menacing yells of their captain, Goldbeard, still at the weel
 The skink is dispatched by a sea serpent
 That also takes a tentative bite at one of the ogre youngbloods, he proves too tough for her and the monster dives away
 Their ship doomed, the temple guard jumps overoard
 As their ship sinks under the waves
 Bullseye! Golbeard takes OaA a saurus with a cannon shot
 The siren keeps trying to seduce lizardmen, to no avail
 The serpent strikes again and this time shallows the youngblood whole!

With a groan the SMS Überraschung sinks, Goldbeard jumping in the last second 
 The last turn sees most of both warbands drowning with only few heroes left, both warbands pass their rout tests so the battle ends in a tie
In the campaign phase the lizards lose the saurus hero and a saurus henchmen but with the money left they recruit them back. The maneaters lose the youngblood that was eaten by the serpent, but buy him back with money to spare. Several warriors got advancements, including Goldbeard who now is a dog of war and has just hired a freelance knight!


  1. Quel navire impressionnant! Et j'aime beaucoup ces superbes créatures de la mer qui emmergent...

    1. Merci, je dois faire un kraken quelque jour, vôtre rapport prussient ètait amusant et spectaculaire aussi