Thursday, 22 June 2017

Bligh memorial 2: Sanctuary Mount

 Continuing the Prospero campaign, this time the custodes attack a hill in the city protected by the thousand sons. The mission is "out of time" a badly written doodle with no primary objectives and only secondary victory conditions.
 The Emperor's household: shiney custodes & sisters
 Magnus leds his sons, overdue for a purging
 Crazy deployment map: the imperials deploy in a square and the sons in a triangle, the deployment measurements from the book state thay you need a football pitch to play this mission, so we scaled them down to fit our table.
 The imperials rushed forwards
 While the TS vets showed up on their backs!
 Concentrated fire wipes out Valdor's retinue of sisters
 The custodes reserves appear, some halberds next to the vets
 And the termis deepstrike into a container, being sent back to reserves
 Valdor loses some wounds by shooting, including from Magnus's serpenta, he charges the grenadier squad and kills them all in retaliation
 The shield squad also crushes the militia command squad in the ruins

 Magnus is distressed by the loss of his spireguard and fails a psychic test to the wonder of everyone
 Vets wheel about and pepper the custodes with bolter fire
 The termis finally drop somewhere
 Valdor & friends also charge the dread, but both combats are tied
 My opponent concedes at this point. Game felt more balanced than the last one, due to Magnus mainly. The gameplay was boring as always with 7th, I spent most of the time leafing through the diverse books and PDFs and my father was quite exasperated at some point. Thanks to FW we are stuck with this failed game for heresy battles until Emperor knows when.
Note that mainly only humans died, the true victims of this civil war :'(
Most of the sisters got new heads (spares from the GW ones)
Updated campaign map

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