Sunday, 11 June 2017

Magnus the red

 Painted the Crimson King for the Prospero campaign. The model comes from Kabuki miniatures and is as detailed as the FW ones, he was bought for the now defunct Siege of Terra project. He will also be my last Heresy-specific model: we won't have 30k rules for the new edition for Emperor knows how many years so I won't buy that until it's supported by GW. I can play with these armies of course, but that now depends on the goodwill of my opponents since all of them have 40k armies. It's a very shaky hobby at the moment, I might sell all primarchs if they don't release rules this year. After all my opponents have no obligation to play 7th in a store that promotes 8th.
 Magnus strikes a suitably heroic pose, casting some forbidden and evil-looking sorcery

 He carries his book of course

 The primarch has only one eye, the other given to tzeentch in exchange for saving his sons from mutation, alas the trickster good fooled Magnus, and lifted his protection from them during the battle of Prospero, with nefarious consecuences. It then turned out that the mutations had been caused by Tzeentch to led the Tousand Sons irrevocably on the road to damnation

 Lots of scarabs, which I painted blue to hint at the future scheme of the legion, the two partchements have, one his name, and the other his rank in the sorcerer cult: Magus. 
 A wink to this is also on the loincloth

 The right greave has an egyptish scene; two supplicants before a sort of winged Horus, a play by the sculptor about the Thousand Sons service to the Warmaster? We can only speculate
 The cloak was very nice, with lots of scarabs and parchements, however it didn't fit clenaly in any part of the model so I just had to guess glue it from pictures
Size comparison
Marine: you're a big guy
Magnus: for you