Thursday, 8 June 2017

Prospero campaign: an Alan Bligh memorial I

Starting a new campaign, this time Forgeworld's newest burning of Prospero. Those of you who live on the Maelstorm and may not yet know, the developer of Horus Heresy wargaming, Alan Bligh just passed away so I decided to play the last campaign he wrote as a sort of memento. 

As is usual with these, the story takes you through a set of phases, the winner of which gets some benefit or another for the final game, where the outcome is decided.
Each of the three phases will consist of two games for us. We could play one of the specific (and badly biased) missions of the book or another one. Since I've just started playing brutal doom I was in the mood for a zone mortalis, which is even fluffy as in the story the custodes land on the starport and fight with some thousand sons for the control tower.
 All was then set for a claustrophobic game within the tower: I gave my fater some veterans, a delegatus and a dread and I got Valdor and aquilon termis, all the sons infantry had psychic powers.
We rolled the kill the other mission, with TS deploying first. I got the flanking assault stratagem and my father barricades and breaching charges
 Valdor deploys ans my spearhead
 A squad of vets and the dread the opposition's
 While the TS don't move I rush forwards and assault over the barricade
 Despite killing some vets the chief custodian leaves some alive. Next turn the enemy delegatus shows up and gives him three wounds with a psychic shriek, which the commander general saves without breaking sweat thanks to his iron halo
 Valdor then proceeds to wipe out the remaining vets
 My termies show up early but their bolts spatter harmlessly on the dread's hull
 Warlords fight!
 Centurion Ramses stood no chance
 Another squad of vets appears, these have the dread power invisibility
 Perils of the warp kill one son, didn't the Emperor warn them about just that?
 The dread wounds Valdor with his flamer
 But he charges the newcomers
 The combat is a tie, it's quite hard to hit those invisible blokes you know!
 The termies charge, suffer some wounds from the heavy flamer
 Then the dread kills one with his fists
 But the rain of powerfists is too much and the walker is wrecked
 Valdor and the termis wipe out the remaining sons, who manage to wound the commander again

With the first mission secured the custodes have a safe campaign start

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