Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Waterloo anniversary game

 18 june 1815, a cry is taken up by thousands of voices as a figure upon a white horse reviews the troops: Vive l'Empereur! The battle of Waterloo is about to begin...
 The battlefield seen from the british side: the village of Papelotte in the right, la Haye Sainte in the middle and Hugoumont on the right. On top of  the picture the french with the villages of Plancenoit (left) and La Belle Alliance in the center. 
The allied commander, standing on a chair observes the field ponering his movements
 The french get first turn and make limber the battery in front of their massed guns, notice how I have mixed some prussian gunners by mistake with the brits during deployment...
 The imperials form a line to face the british advance
 The english guns soon retaliate and rain iron upon the cuirassiers
 The Scots Greys move to the assault
 As do the light dragoons
 The scots launch a chirurgical raid on the great battery
 Routing the surprised frenchmen, Scotland forever!
 The french seize the bois de Paris near Plancenoit
 Many units move, trying to catch the scots in a crossfire
 While the cuirassiers charge uphill in the face of britsh guns

 After several rounds of combat the cuirassiers are routed
 Ney is caught in the rout and killed by the advancing dragoons
 It's now 16:00 and the prussians show up on the imperial right
 A unit is caught, unable to form square while the prussian infantry enters already formed in square 
 The garrison of Hugoumont also moves forward
 The Duke waves his hat, the prearranged signal for a general advance along the line
 The prussian battery is destroyed by an accurate volley from the french
 Who are then routed by the german hussars
 As I have to go to my mother's birthday dinner we leave it here, we count up the losses: victory for the allies 425 to 100 points
 Photo finnish
 This battery was in a sticky situation
 Even shootout in the Hugoumont forest
 This french square was also about to die
The guard had kept back ad was pretty fresh, but they wouldn't have killed enough allies to even the score, they should have been sent into the fray sooner


  1. Très chouettes figurines et décors, mention spéciale aux arbres morts, superbes!

  2. Mais, ils son fâites avec des branches!