Friday, 14 March 2014

Imperator Nobiscum

So, after a hard fought bid in E bay I managed to get an emperor titan to start my Epic 40k collection. It costed me 46euros, but since the others were far more expensive I think that I was lucky after all, no idea of how much it costed when GW selled them ages ago tough. This titan will be the leader of a planned legion of 9 warlords and 2 warhounds, all of them (except 1 warlord from a friend of mine) will be scratchbuilt; I'll also make 6 mega gargants (one for each major clan) also scratchbuilt except one.

Since that same friend has Jervis Johnson's battle for armageddon, the titans will belong to the legio metallica/iron skull, and the imperator will be no less than steel hammer the ill-fated engine of Grand Master Kurtiz Mannheim

The boardgame can be downloaded here: armageddon zip

 a Titan so big needed a base bigger than the 6cm's one of the warlords, I wasn't convinced by the ususal square or rectangular one that people usually puts with them (and also sold?), so i picked a CD instead.
 The Ebay auction specified that the titan had some weapons broken, since it's image was apparently flawless i thought that it would be minor damage. After opening the box, that suspicion has proved right: only two gun barrels are missing so I've piked little stick sections to remade them. Above you can see the first one, in the corner tower (called echaguette in architectural terms by the way).
 The second barrel can be seen between the two towers; that gun looks a lot like an earthshaker... the Imperator is SO big that carries earthshakers as secondary weapons!!
 I wanted a base at the same level of the titan, with lot of detail. The first that I did was to cut a highway of cardboard, next I made a little gothic ruined building to stand to the side of the road. From polisteryne I cutted a pair of desert rocks and some craters, the ones in the highway were surrounded by tiny sand to recreate the pulverized asphalt. Finally, I wanted to make some kind of ork weckrage to add more battleground ambient to the base, I picked the idea of the mega weapon in the left hand of the mega gargants, and recreated it half buriend under the sand, like some remain of a long fought battle. Obviously, after the painting'll be done i'll add beach sand over the lot (clearing some patches for the road of course). The titan isn't sticked yet to the base to make painting easyer.
Next to the right toe you can appreciate a little ork gliph form the destroyed mega gargant

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