Friday, 13 October 2017

Campaign game 1

 At the GW they have begun a planetary conquest campaign, I joined in and this was my first game. 
I brough an alliance of salamanders and cadian guard against even more guard and marines.
 The enemy was a nicely coherent Catachan force with raven guard support 
 Backed by russes, which work well in that regiment, repeating the random dice to determine the number of shots of the main battlecannon
 My ubiquitous laserstators also made an appearance, killing all the enemy battletanks in turn one
 The chimeras rushed across the board
 The venerable dread withstood the first turn punishment passing his multiple saves, but in the second a mass of laser fire rained on him...
...and with a thunderous explosion he was gone!
 The chimeras were destroyed by massed antitank fire, and the juicy guards inside wiped out between Pask's gatling and the advancing conscripts
With massive losses and only three enemies killed, the guard player conceded, and I got to conquer a chunk of the planet Konor

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