Friday, 13 October 2017

Mordheim: defend the find

 Played another game of our mordheim campaign, my father was using a new dwarf warband so it would be their baptism of fire
 The dorfs had to defend a pyramid where their treasure was stashed
 My warband was composed of seven ogres, here the latest addition
 I rushed to the stairs
 The new ogre was killed by the dwarf noble. Unauspicious beginning!
 The dwarf engineer dodged some native traps
 The ogre guide charged a lone dwarf thunderer
 Some of my ogres began climbing the pyramid, while my captain duelled with a slayer, giving him eventually the mighty doom he was looking for

  The noble keps felling ogre after ogre
 The stubborn engineer was eventually knocked down by a carnivorous plant
 Finally my captain, Goldbeard, decided to take matters in his own hand, challenging the pesky noble
 The guide finished off his oponent with ease
 As did Goldbeard
The engineer also was done for, and with only two dwarfs remaining my father conceded

More Mordheim next year, with more warbands and, perhaps, a change of setting.


  1. Your new ogre was doomed the moment the paint dried. New units never do well, as your father's dwarfs discovered. It's a fact of gaming life. The only way to avoid this phenomenon is for both sides to paint a new army for each encounter, and even then it'll be fought to a bloody draw!

  2. Indeed, it is known that freshly painted units die first, and painted armies die sooner than the grey plastic hordes