Sunday, 14 September 2014

Battlefleet gothic terrain part 2

Two medium-sized planets, two moons and some debris/hulks

 Scratchbuilt hulks that can also be used as debris field
 The planet Armageddon, capital of the Armageddon Sector. The name comes from a final battle wich will be fought during the apocalypse of John, wich befits the epic tones of the tales of the war that GW has produced. The hives and rivers also have names taken from the grecoroman hell such as Hades, Acheron or Tartarus amongsts others.
 The fire wastes with their ore mines
 The dead lands with their water processing plants
The continent of Armageddon Secundus
 Reference maps

 Cerbera base in the equatorial jungles, the novels tell us that this base is in a man-made clearing of the jungle, so I painted a clearing also arround it
 The ice planet Chosin, the name comes from a winter battle of the korean war so lack of originality again
 An airless moon made with a golf ball, the roads and settlements in the nightside are painted in white, and in the dayside in metal
 An Endor inspired moon covered with forests or jungle
A space station orbits Armageddon, surrounded by the debris of recent battles
Data about the planet provided to all captains and black templars of the fleet