Friday, 12 September 2014

Kislev cup final: second half

 All is ready to play the second half of the Kislev cup's final
 Cervera, the orc coach, and his team
 Costa, coach of the lizardmen
 And the Kislev cup!
 The lizardmen kick and two blitzers with the ball make a penetration by the right
 They are quickly surrounded, but react passing the ball to a lineorc at the other side of the pitch

 The lineorc is knocked into the public, but since coach Costa has spent all his movements he can't catch the ball. the lineorc returns and pushing aside a skink retakes the ball.
 Some tackle in the other side, with the lizardmen apothecary healing all injuries.

 The lizards try to stop the lineorc, but he dodges them and scores in roughly the half of the second part
 And there was much rejoicing!
 The lizards pass onto the attack now
 One of their skink runners is smashed by a black orc and grievously injuried, since the apothecary is unable to heal him he won't take part in the league anymore
 He was so young...snif!
 The skinks finally force an opening by the right
 And after dodging and passing the ball in hand...
The skink Nazca scores the winning touchdown of the league!

Thus Costa's lizardmen become this year's new champions

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