Tuesday, 2 September 2014

BFG Terrain part I

 The first elements for the Armageddon campaign are ready
 The gas planet Landai roams the outer reaches of the system and will appear in battles ambientated in the interestelar part of the system. The name comes from a 2 line poem of afghan literature, probably someone in GW's staff read some article in the Times about it...
 Asteroid field
Pelucidar, location of the greatest battle of the war.
 The planet  was radically transformed during the first war for Armageddon, when a chunk of Angron's hulk was blown off and fell upon it. The impact of the massive amalgam marinated during hundreds of years in the warp caused great turmoil in it's atmosphere, and the resulting warp taint made all life in the surface virtually impossible. The legacy of those time is the greatest storm complex of the whole sector, the "three brothers" are gargantuan typhons that permamently torment the surface of the planet and many claim that the voices of daemons can be heard when they are close. With the surface lethal to all life, the imperial citizens dwell below, in a series of caverns with their own ecosystem.

GW surprises us again with their lack of imagination for chosing names: Pelucidar was an imaginary world invented by Edgar Rice Burroughs
 Warp rift. To paint this I closed my eyes and let the chaos gods (or the Emperor!?) direct my aim, creating ondulations afterwards and some daemonic faces
A lone cruiser patrols majesticaly the Armageddon sector.