Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The third war for Armageddon 0: heralds of war

 Our first battle of the Armageddon war takes us back back a few months, moment when the increase of ork piracy in the fringes of the system becomes the first testing attacks before the invasion.
A group of imperial transports travel under protection of the imperial navy to enter the Armageddon system, but then, behind the rings of the gaseous mass of Landai an ork ship appears! It's the Deathdeala a vessel cursed in the whole sector for her acts of piracy, the comodore commanding the fleet orders battle stations and all the ships push their thursters to evade the ork pirates.

Fight the scenario convoy of the rulebook

The imperial fleet led by comodore Kadrulia
Hammer of wrath: dictator class cruiser 220pts
Silverspear: sword class frigate 40pts
five transports
the orcs led by kaptin Uldreg
dethdeala 260pts

 A scouting frigate appears at the front of the convoy and alerts of the ork menace
 Half the fleet veers to starboard
 While the other veers to port
 Iimperial disposition
Dethdeala sends her squadrons to port's group but are intercepted by the dictator's own craft
 In the next turn she blocks the exit of starboard's group launching even more craft
 And destroying the frigate at extreme range
 The helpless transports are quickly destroyed
 But the port group crosses the table quickly with all ahead on orders and one of them manages to scape
 Deathdeala tries to destroy the remaining transport with all ahead on of her own, but the tranport's shields soak up the only impact inflicted
And the second transport exits the battlefield providing a marginal victory for the imperium

Altought I wanted a historically accurate scenaro with the inclusion of the Dethdeala, I would reccomend cruisers or even escorts for the attackers of the convoy, since a lone ship will find impossible to stop all the transports, it's even harder for the orks since they have very short-ranged weaponry.

So that's the first imperial victory of the campaign, now let's actualize the map:

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