Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Third war for Armageddon 1: Pelucidar

So today we have played the second scenario of the narrative campaign. We used the scenario Pelucidar (wich can be found in the old web or BFG magazine #14), to represent the first clash of the invasion  proper of the Armageddon system. Since we do not had the orc escorts and cruisers requiered in the scenario we sustituted them for roks with the same points value. Historically admiral Parol tried to stop the greenskins in their tracks before they managed to land in the interior planets, but was forced to disengage due to numerical inferiority.
In this scenario the imperials begin with 1500pts and the orcs join the battle from turn to turn, the imperials must achieve 2000 victory points in order to win.

The imperial fleet, led by admiral Parol

Admiral L9, 1 re-roll
Apocalypse class battleship His will

Dominator class cruiser Virtuosus
Dominator class cruiser Severus
Gothic class cruiser Victoria
Dictator class cruiser Rigor

Sword class frigate squadron Silfidus
Sword class frigate squadron Imperare

 The His will and the cruisers form the center of the imperial line with the friagtes in the flanks. From left to right: Rigor, Virtuosus, His will, Severus, Victoria and squadron Imperare in the extreme right
 The planet Pelucidar and its satellite stand between the two fleets, no sing of the orcs for the moment
 The His will in all her glory
 Parol orders his left flank to move on, the Victoria navigates sucesfully through the debris field
 The first orks begin to appear: fighta-bomberz squadrons!
 Followed in the next turn by three roks that move into the cover of a gas cloud, preventing the imperials to launch their torpedoes.
 The first broadsides are exchanged, Parol advances to meet the orks head on, but Pelucidar divides his fleet in two. In the ork turn, another two roks join the fray while their comrades launch torpedos at the imperials.
 Just half of the imperial fleet fights against the orks, and a criritcal hit fries the shields of the His will!
 But the rest of the Imperial Navy comes to the rescuce of their comrades, taking advantatge of the gravity pull of Pelucidar to turn their cruisers 90º to starboard in one turn
 the Severus launches her torpedoes at extreme range but fails to hit with all of them!
 In the right Imperare squadron reaches a stalemate with one rok that is still reserving its torpedoes 
 The cruisers join the fight near the battleship, causing some damage to a rok with their torpedoes, the rok braces and avoids most of the punishment
 Bombers are also launched, but fail to cause much damage due to bracing
The dictator cruiser Rigor veers to port to present its broadsides to a rok that braces, while Virtuosus exchanges broadsides with another rok
 After two turns of concentrated gunz fire Virtuosus goes down as a blazing hulk
 While the lone rok destroys two frigates from Imperare squadron with a salvo of just TWO torpedoes!
To demoralize even more the imperials, a lone assault boat squadron manages to cause two points of damage to the His will, who is now at just one point of becoming crippled!
After this quick sucession of disasters, the imperial player decides to give up, since he believes that he won't be able to destroy 2000 points of orks and in the next turns a battleship or even a hulk (!) may join the battle appearing in his rear or amongst his fleet.

Final result: empire: 0 victory points; after counting we realized that for most of the battle, the imperials had outpointed the orks for 1100pts and managed to lose a captial ship and two frigates despite that.

Let's actualize the campaign map, a draw between both sides, the naval war is being heavily disputed

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