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Barcelona, 11th September 1714

 Closing in the tricentennary of the fall of Barcelona at the hands of Spain and France here I give you the reenaction played with the lasalle rulebook and old glory's 15mm.
Two bastions conform the center of the catalan defence: Santa Clara in the foreground and Portal Nou in the background, between both there is the kingly breach wich had been mined by the defenders in advance, and to the right of Sta Clara is the second breach wich we will call llevant's breach since it's next tot the llevant basiton.

The objective of the battle is control of the four breaches if each side conntrols two it's a draw if one controls three or more achieves victory.
 The numerous breaches in the walls of the city are guarded by regiments of all the territories of the Corona d'Aragó, here we see some valentians.
 And here the regiment of "la diputació"
 Some artillery also, wich maintained the uniforms of the austrian army in wich they were created.
 The battle begins and the bourbonic forces advance, while their cannon shot from the redoubts. But first blood goes to the catalans that inflict one wound in a spanish unit.
 The "seguiçi de prohoms" a moltey collection of coronela, nobles and people in arms advances to man the second barricade behind the cannons.
 The first unit touches the wall, la couronne frenchmen against verge dels desamparats valentians!
 Santa Clara is also under attack
 By nothing less than a normal and a big unit!
 The cannons rain canister upon the spaniards that climb over the rubble in Portal Nou
 The frenchemn are repelled from llevant's breach with some loss
 The struggle continues in Sants Clara, looking bad for the spaniards
 But in Portal Nou the things are looking better...
 And a spanish unit routs the catlan artillery, at the cost of three wounds
 The forces in the second barricade open fire, taking the fourth wound of the unit and routing it in turn
 But the bourbons posess inexhaustible reserves, each unit destroyed may be depolyed again inmediately!
 A second unit climbs portal Nou, not spaniards this time, but irishmen in service of the king of Spain, the Ultonia regiment!
 After a long struggle, the valentians finally rout the attackers of llevant breach
 The kingly breach is attacked, but the first wave suffers two wounds when the mines explode, another one when charging the rubble and lose their fourth and last in hand to hand, being destroyed in an amazingly short time. Behind, the spanish marines advance imperturbably across such slaughter
 In Santa Clara the invader is also repulsed
 But the relief of the defenders doesn't last for long, since the big unit charges upon them with fresh forces.
 The marines close upon the breach led by none other tant the Duke of Berwick the CIC of the combined army
 While The CIC of the ctalans, Villaroel supervises the destruction of the irishmen
 Against all odds the defenders of Sta Clara hold in the face of superior numbers
 Berwick is killed when the routing marines trample over him

 As the big unit in santa Clara is repulsed, the battle comes to an end with a resounding catalan victory!
The battlefield at the end of the fight, all breaches have held against the bourbonic forces, and history has been changed with a victory fort the defenders.

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