Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Legio Mortis warlords

 After delivering the last assignment from the college yesterday I had finally time to start painting something, and I devoted this morning to my two chaos warlords, wich I painted in the popular livery of the legio mortis. I followed the scheme of the adeptus titanicus game, but I didn't paint the carapaces in camo scheme, since the idea of a machine 33 meters tall hiding behind cover seemed  ludicrous to me.

As with my other titans, I added flags from bell of lost souls and names for each: the one in the left is named Bodil (wich is a norse name meaning "the battle will heal" appropriate!) and the other calvaria (skull in latin).
 Bodil has two back banners marking it as the engine of the princeps majoris of the maniple, it is equipped with a close combat weapon, a weapons battery, an energy weapon and a vortex missile.

 Since those are chaos titans I had to hide the aquila behind a legio mortis symbol: a skull from the skelleton warriors shields I beleive (althought don't ask me how I got it, no idea).
 Calvaria is a long range fighter, with two vortex missiles, a weapons battery and an energy weapon; its lone banner denotes its lower rank of princeps minoris.

 I added a skull from the good state troops sprue wich forms a winged skull motif.
 An epic view: the titans march to war!
 Some closeups of the banners. They are 1cmt wide, note that each arm banner has a different kill tally while the central banner bears the exploits of the maniple altogether.

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