Saturday, 7 February 2015

New Luccini, a pirate haven in Lustria

I'm Thinking in making the jump to piratic adventures in Mordheim, there are rules aplenty in the web, and combining them with the general's compendium naval rules we could have a new and exciting background for the fights while maintaining the lustrian feel.
Searching in the old GW webpage I stumbled upon rules for settlements that gave three possible places to set as a base for your warband in Lustria: New Luccini, a tilean settlement, Santa Magritta, an estalian settlement, and Skeggi. The one wich is described as a "den of pirates and thieves" is New Luccini wich will replace Sartosa in the city fight scenarios.

The old page provided a colorful description of the city, including a brothel made from a shipwreck "the shore's whale" and a tavern with a slayer pirate inkeeper and an ogre thug: "The silent Parrot" ideal for the last orders scenario of Mordheim-Sartosa. 

The city is located on the cactus coast without anyy specifics, I looked upon the map and it seemed to me that the best place to build a city would be the tiny peninsula below Quetzl island. So I grabbed a peninsular city map from the cartographers guild and with photoshop I expanded the walls (wich only covered the ithsmus) to envelop all the town, with the harbour protected by a chain. 

In order to bring this city to life, I plan to restore my imperial buildings, finish a house kit from old, create the shipwreck-brothel, some piers, and even add some fields, since the map is full of them.

For the piratic campaign I'll also build a pair of ships for the two warbands and perhaps some islands?

Here's is a pic of the original map:

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