Saturday, 7 February 2015

Second day of the Eight Peaks campaign

 Today the skaven player dropped by and we had a couple of battles. The Campaign phase went with lots of manoeuvring and little action until turn four wich saw a skaven force attack the goblins nex to them.

 The goblins also completed a tunnel leading to the skaven lairs
 The skaven launch their attack in the center of the city
 The first battle was a "control the depths" scenario, were the board is divided in three tunnels, and one must empty them of enemies while having a unit themselves in each to claim control. The skaven army was composed of a huge unit of ogre rats and another of night runners, the goblins had one unit of 20 orcs, two units of night goblins and four bases of snotlings.
 The skaven got first move
The goblins launched their fanatics, but none reached the target 
 While the skaven killed two of them with their shurikens
 Charge in the goblin turn
 Ended with a slaughter of night runners
 Those same goblins charged against the rat ogres but were massacred and caught in the persecution.

 The battle ended with the orcs and goblins controlling one level with the skaven none, one unit of night goblin destroyed for one of night runners. Victory for the gobboes, and the skaven army retreated.

The orcs answered in kind and invaded the skaven territory
 This next battle was a "poison the well" scenario, with each player defending his well wich had to be poisoned by the enemy in order to win.
 Same armies as before minus losses
 Gobbos to da fore, orcs behin'!
 At las one fanatic managed to hit, killing one rat
 The goblins only lasted few turns before the giant mutants

 The orcs charged over the fleeing goblins, but only managed to get killed after routing for all their efforts

 The goblins reagrupated
And the snotlings held long enough (thanks to unbreakable) to reach turn 6 and end the battle in a tie.
Finally, the skaven moved to reinforce their theartened left flank, leaving the right open after defeating the goblin army there.

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